Tps any help with the trophy who you gonna call (ps4)

Hi, i need help with the tropy who you gonna call. I need this on the PS4. This trophy requires to do the sub-level 13 mission with 4 players total. I have a second controller and i am a lvl 18 nisha. However i don’t think i have the mission unlocked yet.

If anyone needs this trophy or wants to help me, can you check if you have got the mission?

I will hear from you soon.
PSN ID: Assau1t_Meister

Timezone GMT+1

edit: Got the mission

hey i just finished that same mission with Wilhelm lvl 30 but i didn’t knew about the trophy, anyways i’ve just begun new game with claptrap and need someone to co-op all the way. if you are interested (coz im looking for players) then lets team up what say?

psn- IronSight17

I can’t find you on psn also what is your timezone?

I will help. Psn is S_O_D_cd

i’ll add you and send a invite

Cool cool

Dont you require 4 Players to do it? If so I would like to join aswell. I have the side mission ready to start.
psn : fourvllad

all done thank you dfabian711 again! :smiley:

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