[TPS] Balancing Aurelia Hammerlock's Skill Trees

Winter’s Fury

Additionally, during Cold As Ice, your weapons gain +20% fire rate.

Contractual Obligations

If playing solo, you gain +10% gun damage.


If playing solo, your reload time is reduced by 10% per level.

Protect Your Assets

If playing solo, you gain +3% max health and +3% shield capacity per level.

You First

If playing solo, killing an enemy restores 10% of your shields.

Excellent Shot, Madam

If playing solo, you get a +10% damage bonus for Cryo weapons.

All Glory to the Master

If playing solo, you get a 10% bonus for critical hit damage.


Ability is changed to the following:

  • -10% Shield Recharge Delay time per level
  • When your health is damaged, you gain +6% fire rate per level.

Save the Queen

If playing solo, you gain +20% gun damage per level during Fight For Your Life

I don’t think it’s realistic to expect a patch at this point changing a skill to check for if you are solo or not. It’s just that either have a contract or you don’t. Some of the changes to co-op skills you are suggesting are so strong, flat buffs to Aurelia that you’d stop offering contracts out in co-op play. She pretty much destroys anything except boss threshers and the Sentinel already IMO.

I said this in the BL2 balancing suggestions but saying some “why’s” would go a long way. What’s your aim here? Aurelia is a total beast. Making her 1/2 point skills give you large buffs in solo isn’t a balancing act, it’s making her too good.

it’s always a case of opportunity cost.

if you have 65 points to spend, and there are 80 points of good potential skills, you have 65 points worth of good skills.

if you have 65 points to spend, and there are 110 points of good potential skills, you still have 65 points worth of good skills. you have more choices, but in order to get the good solo right-tree skills you have to give up some sniping and ice skills.

for people who don’t have online (which will be everyone when the servers are shut down eventually), she’s really only a two-tree class.

Once you hit level 70 you can create almost any sniper, cryo or hybrid build and still be able to hit all those skills. I wouldn’t mind those skills that don’t do anything to do something solo but come on.

20 % non-conditional reload speed for 2 points?

10 % gun damage for 1 point when using cryo weapons?

20 % firerate buff while AS is active on a 1 point tier 2 skill and an AS that is up probably as much or even more than it is down?

You don’t see any problem with skills like that?

That’s a far cry from balance. When you slap that kind of stuff on top of how well she already performs it’s just creating on OP monster. Every single build would simply move a few points to hit those skills because those buffs are so strong.