TPS characters not sharing money or badass rank

I’m on Xbox1 I have my nisha character at level 23. I wanted to create new characters, but as I did I noticed that the money and badass rank was not carrying over to my new characters. Is anyone else having this problem?

Money isn’t shared between characters in any of the games. (Except for Golden Keys.)

However, there have been many Badass Rank problems with the Handsome Collection so far as it is. This just adds onto the fix pile I guess.

yea money never carries over. the only thing that does share between characters are golden keys and your badass rank should be shared, you only have one profile save for shift which stores your badass rank and keys so it should always be shared across your characters. its virtually impossible for it to not share your badass rank as your badass rank is tied a completely seperate save file than your character save an there is only one per profile for all your saves. you can check this in your save data on your console if you have 2 profile saves for tps then it may be causing the issue but it shouldnt happen.

however it just your rank that is shared and your stat increases. the challenge progress is never carried over and when you start a new character it comes with a whole new set of challenges to complete. i dont know if thats what you mean by your badass rank not sharing or if when you start a new character when you go to the ranks screen you have 0 badass ranks on the new one an your nisha save has however many ranks still. make sure your only have one person/profile signed in on your console an when you start a new character try pressing Y or triangle an going to the character select screen an choosing a new class that way instead of going to new game. this should ensure your badass ranks get shared. the only thing i can think of why it wouldnt is if your console is signing you out of your profile an signing another profile in when you select a new class.

dunno if this will help you but i hope it does or you find it somehow useful.
goodluck hopefully you were jus getting confused about something/ trippin out a bit. lol.