TPS claptastic voyage dlc keeps crashing on PS4

When playing normal, tvhm or uvhm the game would constantly crash at various points in the story on PS4.

I’m trying to complete the dlc despite the countless amounts of crashes on PS4, any help would be much appreciated.

Side note i’ve reinstalled both the game and licenses 10x in the hopes that doing so would help, turns out it didn’t help.

thanks again for any help.

There is no workaround at the mo pal, this majorly affects the dlc and secondary playthroughs for everyone I know on ps4. It’s been like this since release and gearboxare taking an embarrassingly long time to even give a decent update on it. Check the 200+ reply thread on pre sequal crashes.

I went back to try a 3rd run through tps. Cant even get past “getting” felicity her legs. Amazing… I took a break from another game to play tps. only to fustrated with the experience.

Makes me think, with battleborn coming out and Pre sequel players being treated like this. How’s battleborn, let alone Gearbox gonna survive? oh well that’s a question for the devs.

thanks for the reply.