TPS Elemental Showdown - Best To Worst

Yes, thus includes explosive.

Please list the 5 TPS Elements innghe ordervyou think is most to least deadly, and, as always, detailed reasons and science are welcome!

  1. Explosive. Because Flakker. Can’t find it the thread about the Flakker. But Flakker Flakks everything and kills all! I love your Flak… on my Flak. Your lovely Flak… Flak!

Past that, I leave you with a damage formula thread:

P.S. Let’s see if you know the song reference in that bit above.

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Without math (pure opinion here, so ask again in a week, and this will probably change)
1: Cryo (decent DoT time + chance to freeze = immobilized enemy with DoT and nerfed against other damage types)
2: Explosive (damn the shields!)
3: Shock (not weak to anything, but low DoT time)
4: Corrosive (matched to health, DoT is brutal)
5: Fire (matched to health, DoT is pretty good)

  1. Explosive if Frozen vs. Not Shield
  • Shock vs. Shield (UVHM)
  • Explosive if Frozen vs. Shield
  • Fire/Corrosive vs. respective health type
  • Explosive/Cryo/Shock vs. Not Shield and Non-Elemental vs. Not Armor

Overall, Explosive has the broadest effectiveness and is immensely potent when used with Cryo (nades?). Except where certain Vault Hunters excel at specific elements (Shock Athena, Non-Elemental Nisha), and Shielded bosses, it’s the best.

1: cryo
2: explosive
3: electric
4: corrosive
5: fire

this is not counting stuff like maelstrom.

  1. Explosive: Because TORGUE!
  2. Shock: Storm front and Thunderfire.
  3. Cryo: Certainly great against mobs, but sucks when it has little to no effect on bosses.
  4. Fire: Fun to use in an atmosphere with an Oxidizer, still OK even in no atmosphere.
  5. Corrosive: Uuuuuh, what armored enemies outside the DLC? Jet fighters? Yeah, I run right past those because they don’t actually stick around long enough to fight.
  1. Shock: Gaige made me learn that electrocuting stuff is fun.
  2. Fire: What’s not to like about setting people alight?
  3. Cryo: Has its uses, but jsut as slag I only use it when absolutely nescecary
  4. Explosive: not really a fan of it, outside some Torgue weapons.
  5. Never use it, hell, TPS hardly has a use for this. Which is a shame since I like Marek’s Mouth.
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