TPS end game tips

Hello, I recently finished TPS (never hooked me this game, but I gave another oportunity and here I am, lol). What I got so far is tips for new playthroughs.

I want to play end-game for TPS (farm bosses for legends and exp), but I don’t see any guide/tips to get starting to play end-game. I don’t have the Seasson Pass yet waiting to know if there is an end-game guide or something.

So my question is: Is it worth of wasting time to play this end-game? is there any guide or tips? (which I can’t find, I don’t know new dlc zones and so). I mean, spots of secret bosses, what can they give or not, I read about moon chest or something, glitches weapon, etc.

I enjoyed a lot end-game for BL2 (well… whole game).

PS: Thanks in advance, and sorry if this post sounds like noob lol.


this has a few tips on farming TPS

The Claptrap DLC has the “Glitch” Weapons and several farmable areas at end game
The Holodome DLC is farmable at the BadAss Round

there are a few Bosses in the main game that are now farmable, there is a very large Boss unders Springs garage that is farmable
there are a few other posts that talk about specific farmable bosses around, Meg for one.

@Kurtdawg13 and @VaultHunter101 may have other tips or links that could help

IMO, the End game for TPS is there, but while its not as awesome as BL 2’s endgame, it does have several area’s with end game re-playability. Such as the Mutator Arena that can be customized to different difficulty levels, the End Boss in Claptraps DLC, etc


I have over 40 days on Nisha alone in TPS. Most of which was end game, and still going… lol

There is end game in TPS. As @LunaticOne mentioned. if you’ve never experimented with your BAR challenges, I’d recommend doing some of that. TPS is where I “discovered” my BAR and focused on the challenges and then the rewards, some of which are heads/skins. If you want to poke around what you can do as far as BAR challenges go, look here:

And if that doesn’t peak your interest, I’d recommend perusing this thread as it will provide a ton of info that you may not already know, besides providing you with new ideas and challenges the community players assign to themselves for the challenge and fun it brings. Enjoy:


I’d say TPS endgame is full of problems. Mobbing is fun but there aren’t a whole bunch of good mobbing areas (or a whole bunch of areas to begin with), there’s only one raid boss (who IMO is boring AF) and a large portion of legendaries can only be obtained as world drops or from the grinder and sitting in front of that thing grinding from gear is quite far from what I’d consider fun farming.

The upsides for me are that the good mobbing areas are really fun, the well designed characters and lenient UVHM scaling allow for a multitude of builds to be viable, Claptastic endboss is a way better raid stand-in than the only raid boss himself, mutator is a lot of fun (although a bit of a stretch to reach every time as is the end boss too).

It’s a good game and I enjoy playing it at the end game but it’s got nowhere near as much going on as BL2 because of its short main campaign and lack of DLC content afterwards.
Worth the money? Yes. Just don’t expect it to hold up like BL2 does. Just my opinion, of course.

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Thanks for all the replies, I will wait for Steam Sales to buy the seasson pass then. I really appreciate your comments, thanks.

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I dont really agree with one of the above comments. There is plenty of good mobbing spots. There’s also a pretty nice end game. I would recommend the season pass no matter what the price. I’ve leveled up 4 characters now to level 70. I enjoyed every one of them, and had tons of fun. The endgame is also alot of fun. You have mobbing, boss fights, raid boss, eso, mutator arena, holodome, the arena in vanilla game, farming and collecting legendaries, and so on… Endgame is not full of problems.


I can see which one you disagree with :smiley:
For each their own. I really do like the game but the things I said are what keeps me only doing some occasional TPS while I seem to always gravitate back to BL2.

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Yea it suits my endgame needs. Both pre sequel and bl2 offer the same in terms of what i like.

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The end game in tps doesn’t touch bl2 but I will say the claptastic voyage adds some good end game play as well as I consider it to be the best dlc for borderlands ever. You can seriously tell when gearbox is the main fabricator of content the dlc is loads better in the humor, quirkiness and content ideas vs the normal game.