TPS - Favourite / Least Favourite Missions

Side Quests / Main Quests - your favourites and your most hated, and why.


Guardian hunter is one I hate. There’s always someone who can’t resist killing them to try to gain XP when I’m just trying to complete missions. I won’t join a game if it shows they are on it.

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Intelligences of an artificial persuasion.
It’s a good tour of outlands spur and pity’s fall, but the context is just so uninspired. Backtracking and blatant padding. “Oh wait the button you just pressed did nothing, here’s another button on the other side of the map”
See also: bandit-trap going “you need to go to…uhhh…another door!”…really? It’s almost like an in-joke among the writers

Systems jammed
It’s a tutorial mission. Unskippable, and no excitement. 4(6) characters, 3 playthroughs, but customs-trap’s side-splitting antics with the moonstones never get old!!! Except not. Entering Sanctuary at least involved killing some bandits and wildlife, and helpung scooter once inside was much quicker.

Special mention:
Everything in veins of helios’s quarantine zone. That green “sickness” effect is really annoying

Sub-level 13:
Story is actually intriguing, ghosts shake up the fighting somewhat, good reward.

Nice little challenge

Shock-drop slaughter pit
Arena, mobs, 'nuff said

Watch your step:
Veins of Helios is a really cool area

Psychology of a claptrap
Locations add variation, overlook story is pretty great.

Treasure of Echo Madre: running from A to B then to C only to run back again to point B before I can continue to point D.
Fun, right?

Any quest with a time limit: hate those, even moreso in TPS since a single ■■■■ up can already make a diffirence in completing and failing.

The good ones:
Sterwin’s quests: dunno why but I do like them. Shame that the grenade mod is unique to these missions only.

Watch Your Step: first time going through the Veins made me gasp in awe, and still does. Really fun mission that makes you go through one of the most interesting maps in BL.

every quest where u are forced to use a certain waepon they give u to kill enemies (forgot the name of it), this is never fun and i really dont know how they could add these. not a single player in the wolrd likes those quests but gearbox puts them in all the time.
also timed quests - same as above. then there is the quest for that little guy who wants to make music, alos every quest in which u have to travel all around the maps, just terrible ideas.

like: robot facility with felicity, except that terrible, terrible part with the weapon adjusting. i dont get it how they could put that in while knowing there will be uvhm.
imagine that part on OP8…

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So what would constitute a “perfect” mission for you guys?

Also, I’m torn between whether I love or hate Veins of Helios and its associated missions.

It’s an awesome area with great enemies / combat, but I’m SO BAD at platforming!

Eradicate especially, some of those mission parts are bloody hard to get to / find!

Or, how Lazlo’s Lost Echos are unmarked.


Thanks to the first few people who found them all and posted screenshots!

Favorite would probably be let’s build a robot army because the story starts to get interesting and finally the game has some catchy music.

Worst would be system jammed, its long, boring and tedious especially after the first playthrough.

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Good location, verticality (not necessarily platforming, but something that lets us use the cool movement mechanics).
Not too long.
Changes the rules in some fun way (like collecting the elemental puttis for zen-trap, or the mutator arena. To give another example, the campaign missions in starcraft 2 WoL were pretty neat, also infiltrating the orc armies with your thrall in Shadow of Mordor).
Story/context is entertaining (the idea of being in claptrap’s mind, fighting his insecurity, finding secrets in his subconscious etc is really cool. To give another example, psychonauts)
Something epic/extraordinary happens. Sticking to linear setpieces gets pretty old pretty fast, it’s why I don’t like CoD and its ilk, but used in moderation it can be a good tool. For example, trying to evade a giant rolling excavator wheel while being assaulted by psychos was pretty epic in Bulletstorm. It can work without heavy scripting too: hearing a foreboding musical cue, being told to lock n load, and seeing a hordes of zombies sprint towards you really got me pumped in Left 4 Dead.
Oh, and getting to change the map permanently is always nice. (Like opening new routes, collapsing something, etc. In TPS, launching cosmo’s rocket is a nice touch)

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Died twice as Nisha there on UVHM, losts of falling into ffyl aswel, can’t image how horrible it will be as Aurelia.

Zapped 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Forgot this quest but have to agree. The laser you have to use has horrible stats compared to a non mission unique.

Well, it is a optional objective.

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Yeah I gotta agree that the Pickle ones where he makes you run back and forth over the whole map is annoying as hell. Intelligences of the artificial persuasion is probably my least favourite part of the story.

On the flip side I really like all of the stuff you get once you hit the heroism hub and the R&D part. The Doctors Spara and Booty Salads ones are my favourite.

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R&D is my very favourite part of the game, hands down, both main and side missions.

Excellent and funny dialogue throughout (all the doctors as well as the unique Clappies), fun combat, lots of loot sources, the TPS version of Face McShooty, Tiny Destroyer, launching those rockets, shattering Jack’s dreams of rebuilding the Eye…so much great stuff.

A bit higher enemy density and a larger / more varied outdoor type environment and it would be PERFECT.

Also, i see a lot of people mentioning the turret calibration part of Robot Army.

It’s FUN!

I have played it in all modes with every character (almost) and i have never had trouble with it, even when all the Badasses start appearing.

Aurelia, CS Athena, Cryo / Explosive, well, ANYBODY make it a joke.

Area of effect grenades and a constant stream of gunfire right at the point where they all come out from the back wall will kill 90% of them.

Singularity shock or cryo grenades are especially effective.

With a Bomber oz kit and jumping when throwing, you can make your grenades last a VERY long time!

If you need to restock ammo or take a breather, just head back out to the main area.

Ive kept enemies going there for almost an hour once!

Personally really like this quest, dispite all the running around before you hit the Drakensburg. Getting the methane running again is annoying though, just as Treasure of… quest. The part set on said ship is incredibly fun though.

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You know it!

I definitely agree on the Treasures of whatever mission. If it didn’t lead to a swearing shotgun I would probably skip it every time.

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I would rather play it for Marek’s Mouth, now that its dropsource respawns.
That and I can’t stand seeing a yellow ‘!’ on the minimap.


  1. Red, Then Dead. I love the shotgun it gives.

  2. Zapped 3.0. Mister Torgue makes this the best of the three. I love seeing that weak laser get blown up!

Least favorite:

  1. Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion - Running all over the map, and Pickle’s accent and high pitched voice are just awful.

  2. Let’s Build a Robot Army - This mission takes forever! Running all over the maps, turrets do no scale well in uvhm. Non stop ultimate badass spawns + turrets that don’t scale, really? Gladstone annoys me, especially that part where he just. keeps. talking.

  3. Eradicate! - I hate all missions involving the veins of helios, the area is a pain to navigate through. Clap lek killed me and I couldn’t even find my way back.

Damn, you guys just reminded me of the zapped quests…I don’t mind forced weapons, but when the weapon is such a piece of trash… If anything it should a crazy, overpowered piece of unique kit you can stomp around with, not a goddamn white quality splitter

My 2 cents on the turret calibration is that I actually like prolonging that fight. I find it fun too, plus lots of loot and xp. Although it probably would be a nightmare if I actually wanted to just complete it as fast as possible