Tps glitched weapon shop

Selling glitched weapons for moonstones, or as i have no clue if moonstones are tradable, in game money. Id much prefer moonstones.
Rocket launchers: 20 moonstones, or gun value.
Shotguns: 10 moonstones, or gun value
Everything else: 7 moonstones, or weapon value.
Please note: I am only one person, so i am limiting the order numbers immensely, 3 weapons per person, per month. Please state what you would like, and how soon. Minimum of 3 days please, as it may take time.
I reserve the right to refuse any order, if the customer is rude, or is unreasonable with their order, such as asking for a specific glitch ratio, or specific brand etc etc.

I could use some weapons mostly pistols Psn jdogg934

Do you do levelling by any chance ?