TPS inventory glitch

Hello all.

Today I decided to pick up TPS again. I have a lvl 28 gladiator and had 17 slots in my inventory used on my last play session. When I went to look at my weapons, all that shows are a grenade mod and a shield. The rest of my slots show (EMPTY) but I’m at 17/27 of my backpack. I can look at my stuff if I try to sell an item or go to my stash.

I tried it on my other character, a lvl 16 fragtrap. It has the same exact issues. I decided to make a new character, a lawbringer. As soon as a weapon dropped my inventory shows (EMPTY) yet I’m carrying an extra weapon.

How can I fix this?

I’ve seen this happen on the 360 version of BL2 with my husband’s character. He has one, a lvl 62 Zero, and only shows 1 item in his backpack. He never had an alt character nor tried a new one. It transferred to the One this way as well.

Is there any way to fix this, or do we have to start all over with everything? I have searched and cannot find anyone with this problem, and would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance

Silly question, but did you try toggling the sort order when you’re in the inventory? They added some additional options a while back.