TPS is broken for me

I didn’t play TPS for several years (playing BL and BL3).
I went back and booted it up, and played for a few hours, then discovered that my game didn’t save.
At all.
So I did a clean reinstall, verified the cache files, and tried playing a new game starting from the beginning. I was enjoying it quite a bit. Then when I logged back in to continue the new game I had just played and “saved”, it didn’t exist.

This stinks.

So good bye TPS. Thanks for the memories.

That’s a bummer, I feel for you. I had a similar issue when my internet was disconnecting on me not allowing my Xbox to sync.

But its a good enough game to keep trying! :wink:

This is most likely because your antivirus or antimalware software has locked the game save folder. Check in your AV and firewall settings to see if there’s an exclusion in place for TPS. You might also want to check that the saves folder itself is not locked.

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