TPS keeps freezing

I have given up playing the game now, until a fix is available.
I have been playing solo play thought TPS and have noticed on many occasions slow down and stuttering. I thought this had been addressed with the latest update?
I am now getting near the end of the game and it has started freezing. The only way out is by pressing the PS button, and force closing the game. This is very frustrating, as all progress made within the level is lost, and all loot obtained too.

After 5 attempts to finish the later levels without a freeze, I have given up

you given up that easily?

Yep, colour me frustrated :grin: at doing the same level, without dying, for it to freeze on me, every time!
You have to know when to move on, and let it go. It’s time to play The Witcher instead :grin:

I had the same issue with constant freezing, so I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Game has been good since, was annoyed I had to download the 9gb update again though. I understand wanting to give up, no user should have to pay a premium for such a buggy product.

OK, I never thought about a reinstall :grin: If it was on my pc, that’s the first thing I would have tried, doh!
Thanks, I shall give it a go, when I go back to the game.

Good Luck. I haven’t had an issue since I did this. I just beat RK5 and I am now on the homestretch. I hope I don’t have any more freezing issues, I was really started to get annoyed and was on the verge of giving up and listing the game on EBAY.

I had previously finished TPS before the update with no issues, but since playing it through again with a different character, and the update applied, stability seems to be an issue.

I shall try a reinstall and hope it works, as the borderlands games are probably my favourite. Thanks again :yum:

I just finished the game on UVHM. The two SENTINEL bosses were tough as always. I basically used Miss Moxxi’s Vibra-Pulse and the Bullpup shotgun to finish the game. No legendary from either of the Sentinels. To be honest I wish they would make the legendary’s less rare as it adds to the excitement of the game. I know you don’t need them to complete the game, but finding them more often would add to the game IMO. The only decent legendary I got in the last play-through was the Quasar grenade, which was pretty badass, but a nice legendary gun or two would have been nice. I am happy to report I didn’t have one crash (freeze) since I uninstalled and then reinstalled the game.

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Hey there. I have just reinstalled the game and downloaded the Huge 9gb patch, and guess what? I managed to finish the game and not a single freeze :grin::grin::grin:

Thanks for the help dude :grin::grin: I think I need to play a bit more and get a few legendary weapons, as I seem to be only picking up legendary shields and Oz kits