TPS Looking for a Muckamuck

In TPS, I’m looking for either a Purple or Glitched Muckamuck. In either case, Skookum or Tumtum prefixes are preferred. As are Jakobs Grips and Dahl Stocks. In the case of a Purple, Crit or Shield Bypass Luneshine is preferred, though no Luneshine is fine, and in the case of Glitched, I would need an O4L0M0A4 Glitch Code. The reason for this is that this is to be the primary weapon for my Baroness. The Loop and Multi glitches throw off her sniping.

In exchange, I am offering a perfect parts Glitch Tumtum Muckamuck, with an Error Code O0L4M0A4. Or a glitched Rustler’s Quad, Jakobs Grip, Hyperion Stalk, O4L4M0A0 code. I have other things I can offer in trade, but those are the two most valuable things I can think to offer. So inquire if you have a relevent Muckamuck to trade, but there’s something else you’re looking for. I might have it, no promises of perfect parts, though.

My GT; Bun Bun299