TPS lvl 70 gear giveaway PS4

Hey guys, I have alot of extra legendaries and thought I might give some gear away to anyone who wants it I will list what I have below. If you see anything you want just send me a message psn is Wafflebro99. I will come back to this thread and remove anything from the list already given to avoid confusion.

Two Fer Maggie
Heap’d Badaboom (explosive)
Thunderfire (Shock)
Pacifying Pitchfork
Operational Invader (Corrosive)
Absolute zero (cyro)
Dastardly luck cannon
Consummate hellfire (fire)
DP 88 fragnum (explosive)
Stimulating longest yard (Shock)
Refill IVF
Stimulating longest yard (Shock)
NIght pitchfork (corrosive)
Sidewinder flayer
Thunderfire (Shock)
Thorny ol’ Rosie (Cyro)
Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle (Shock)

Class mods:
Eridian Vanquisher mod (Gladiator)
Celestial Gladiator mod (Gladiator)

Oz kit
3DD1.E (explosive)

Prismatic bulwark
Avalanche (cyro)
Fabled tortoise

Are these on Borderland 2 or Pre-Sequel?