TPS matchmaking completely broken?

Games are not showing up and when ever I search for a game and whenever I do see a game available i either crash in the loading screen or im stuck in a sending character data to host screen forever is anyone else having the same issues?

Same issue but only on my main character. All of my low level characters are fine but my main does the exact same thing. I opened a service ticket last Saturday but still no response from gearbox. Makes me mad I purchased the handsome collection to be honest, not that it’s broken but the fact there is seems to be no support.

It also happens 9 times out of 10 for my main characters when i try to join a friends game this needs to be fixed

I literally have the same problem. It’s only for TPS it seems, and for some reason it was working perfectly a few days ago… I hope it gets fixed soon or else I’m kind of done with TPS. I only play that game with friends. Back to BL2 I suppose.

The lack of support from gearbox is a joke.


It really makes me sad I hope if BL1 gets remastered that it doesn’t suffer from these game breaking issues that all the handsome collection has the screen tearing and frame drops and the game breaking matchmaking it all just sucks right now

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