TPS Monster Questions & Theories?

First of - WHAT THE HELL ARE SHUGGURATHS?!? They are amazingly cool and dare I say beautiful!

Definitely very Lovecraftian - Cthulhu inspired!

But why are they on Elpis?

And not Pandora?

Do the Ratthyds come from inside them?

At least with Kraggons you know they are born of rock and fire.

Next, are Threshers possibly related to the Destroyer somehow (tentacles)?

Could they have come into being on Elpis somehow when Jack brought the Eye and who knows what other parts of the Destroyer up to Elpis?

Nakayama refers to Meg the Thresher, as well as the Tiny Destroyer, as genetic abominations.

Maybe threshers are a Hyperion R&D experiment that got loose and found their way down to Elpis?

Or were deliberately put there by Hyperion?

Also, I love how Swagmen have those unique, extra tough flies with them.

Finally, Torks should evolve like Varkids, damn it!

Treshers are native to Elpis, there’s a sidequest given by Sir Hammerlock that explains how they got on Pandora.

The VH’s are the cause of Terramorphous and the other tresher that drops the Striker. ‘Appearantly, they breed like wildfire. Atleast they are tiny buggers’

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Yes, but are they part of the native Elpisean fauna or were they placed there?

Was Meg a thresher they found on Elpis and experimented on?

And I love that side mission!

Terry and his little buddy waving at you as they rocket away!

Most likely, unless Treshers know how to wear clothes.

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Two ideas on Rathyds and Shugguraths:

The Rathyds are the larval form of a Shuggurath.
Its a symbiotic relationship between the two.

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Ohhhhh I like that!

I’d love to know more about the Swagmen, too, they’re so mysterious!

I think I remember something Pickle said in one mission. He did not want you to harm the Rathyds around because they are orphans too. There was no Shuggurath around.

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Yes, when you are grabbing an ECHO from his sister’s deserted car.

Great observation!

Their “parent Shuggurath” was gone!

My shield accidentally killed one of those Rathyds once, I felt sooooo bad!

They were all created by Daleks at a point in their species when they were down on themselves and hadn’t the best of technologies.

Nah… Can’t get a good crazy post like I did with the Nicotine Fairies post

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Were did they go :open_mouth:

To a thread that you’re a part of.

But but but the Fairies haven’t been in the thread in a loooooooooong loong timeeee :open_mouth:

This is not the place to discuss that!

But but but!

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Shuggs are on Elpis because they need the cool temp. of Elpis to live.

Threshers are just… threshers. They’re rare though. Nurse Nina says that they were called Threshers by the wife of a guy that was killed by them.

Rathyds come from inside Shuggs. Like Rakk and Rakk Hive.

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