TPS overheating my ps4 pro

Hi! I’ve bought THC lately. B2 works fine, but TPS is overheating my ps4 pro, shutting it down. It always did it during the cutscene presenting the first boss. I checked the fan and it’s not dusty at all; I deleted the game and downloaded it again without installing the texture pack; I also deactived the pro boost. This way the game works (= I can fight the first boss and go on with the story) and the console isn’t noisy at all except sometimes, during boss cutscenes (the Felicity one comes to mind), it still shuts down overheating. It also happens in general play, when a lot of status effects are on screen. My console is new (I bought it one year ago), I don’t even play that much. B3 works fine, B2 and B1 too (but the console seems a plane ready for taking off). Any suggestions?

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I play on PC, and the usual fixes are to lower the graphics settings and turn off PhysX effects in the Video Settings. I can’t say for certain what the settings are and how adjustable they are on Console, but I did find an old response to a similar question on another forum:

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Thanx for the reply. I kwew about the link you posted, I also found another link about someone having a shut off in the same cutscene (the fire boss at the beginning of thr game). Honestly, the only thing I didn’t try is to change the thermal paste, but why should I do that? More demanding games (Bordrrlands 3,Last of us 2) work fine at maximum graphical settings.
Honestly I don’t mind a few crashes now and then, I just fear they can screw up the console.

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