TPS Quote to Quote Conversation

I really loved this thread on the old forum:

I’ll start wuth a quote from TPS (or its DLCs) and then the next person responds with another quote that applies.

I dont know the dialogue from the DLC that well yet, but ill start with a quote from Roland’s head in the Nexus (and a sentiment i agree with):

I want to hug Lilith. For a really long time.

pickle is lonely

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I disabled the jump pad. I’m sorry jump pad, I didn’t mean it.

Heh, Awesome.

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We don’t have jump pads, but I can throw you really far.

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You guys got to use jump pafs?

I never got to use a jump pad!

OOOOO explosions, this is exciting!

That’s what I said!

Timmy when reviving team mates “Please don’t die, he’ll dock it from my pay!”

Grab the lovely lady and get going! We’ve got some friggin’ robots to build. (Handsome Jack)

Red and Belly sitting in a tree. K - I - S - S - humph humph humph… That’s pretty wrong.
Hey Belly, whatcha doing?
Nothin’… Singin’

Look at me, I’m dancin’, I’m dancin’!

You got a good looking mainframe,
I like the size of your mainframe,
I got a query for your mainframe,
Can i make an input/output request?

(heh, i am the worst! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

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damnit now i got the song stuck in my head :tired_face:


Pancakes.Pancakes! No no pancakes.

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I created a snowball, its fun, fun for the whole family…

These pretzels suck

Im sorry, but i gotta throw in a George Costanza quote here, someone please respond with an appropriate TPS quote:


Roll to see if she loves it.
Rolls dice
She loves it.

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Well, I just ate buuuut… LET"S BOOGIE!!!

You’re dead to me.

I don’t know, she leads these jackasses i think, but whoever is the first person to shoot her in the head gets a high five and a turbomansion!