TPS scaling in TPS

This is not a complaint or criticism, just a statement of fact. I have been able to move from level 60 to level 69 (and soon level 70), using only level 60 orange weapons, This clearly would have been difficult if not impossible in the old BL2. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? Any comments?

If you use freezing a lot that may explain it. Freezing can take other weapons far beyond where they’d normally be useless.

Now if one could reliably fight the bosses with that underleveled of weapons … that’d be a scaling issue.

…or I’d say even get through some holodome levels it would be an scaling issue.

Still 9 levels is a long way. I’ve heard 5 for legendary.

Aren’t you using Wilhelm? Wolf’s damage would scale with level and that would explain some of it.

Nisha and Jack for me are the easiest that I’ve gotten to Lvl 70… Fridgia/Ravager or fridgia/Doc’s Quad combo on Nisha just too… And Handsome jack is just… Handsome jack…

yes to the wihelm and yes wolf is a beast, but guardians were going down right and left even without him, also no to freezing no cryo skill, no cryo weapons, I just find the difference between the two games to be interesting.

Refreshing is more like it. Once UVHM for BL2 was released I pretty much stopped playing because it just wasn’t fun any more. It’s still a challenge, at least for me, but not a “I’m gonna go throw my xbox through my 2nd story window” challenge like it was in BL2.

My luneshined Badaboom lasted me from 50 till 58-59 but you could tell the difference. From 50-53/54 it was a second wind machine. By 58-59 it was like a decent green or blue Scav launcher.

Over the last few months I read a lot of people saying they did that when UVHM initially came out, using lvl 50 guns even after reaching 60.

I’m still in my BL2 mentality that every gun needs to be upgraded after 5 levels. And, thanks to the grinder which makes it very easy to get guns at specific levels, I upgrade after every 3 levels simply because I can.