Tps Shift weapon level

Hey all. Rather late to the party for tps, but I was wondering about the level of items gained from shift codes (Boomacorn etc…). Is the weapon level detirmined by the level of the character that claims them from the shift in Concordia or by the level of yor caracter when you enter the code? The reason I ask is my character is only level 16 at present & I wonder if leaving it until later to pick upthese weapons will be worth it. Many thanx for any help.

From my understanding, it is the same as it was in BL2 and will most likely continue to be the same in future installments.

Whomsoever you first log in on, it will be correspondent to their level.

There have been issues with whether or not the person was “online” when they logged in. Some people weren’t logged on and didn’t receive the item immediately, as they had put in the shift code before logging off.

They would later log on with another character (online this time) and find it on them instead.

It will most certainly be leveled, from what I know.