TPS Solo vs Co-op

So, before PSN went down at Christmas and i was unable to play TPS pnline for a bit, which made me load up BL1 and become ADDICTED for 2 solid months, i had only ever played TPS online coop.

Had seen every main mission and some sides and had brought 2 characters up to 50 and 3 others to 25-30.

Then, near end of January, i started my first ever solo TPS playthrough with Aurelia.

Got her up to 63 (only co/op was 50-57 UVHM with @acnaero as Athena Servant) and am now doing Solo with Clappy (i already had a Clappy toon at 31 from co-op but started a new one for solo) and currently have him at 44.

I am having a BLAST with solo.

Was finally able to explore every inch of every map, do every sidequest, and find all the cool little details.

While super fun & crazy with co-op, i found co-op was always sort of tense & edgy due to blue / purple / orange gear being so (relatively) rare and how many enemies were non-repeatable,

People were always swarming the chests / vendors / loot drops and booting co-op partners out after certain boss or enemy fights.

Plus, i was able to learn the exact strengths and weaknesses of Aurelia and Clappy and devise character specific strategies and tactics to survive, rather than just relying on the sheer combined firepower of a full co-op party.

What do you guys think?

Oh, quit lying. I told you to play it

On topic. Solo. If for nothing else than I can predict myself and the AI. Speaking of which…

Sounds familiar Seriously though, is that why you do it? Out of habit from always doing Co-op and never solo?


Greedy online people!

Really forum? ■■■■■■■ is censored but ■■■■■■■■ is not xD

Surprised me too!

I edited mine to avoid flagging!

I’ve never played with randoms. Flames is the only person I’ve really played co-op with. I’m almost exclusively solo.

Borderlands 2 i did almost exclusively co-op as well, but online bl2 people were a LOT more generous and laid back and trustworthy than many of the TPS co-oo randoms Ive encountered…

Me,I play mostly solo, just a bit of co-op .but the statement above really lays it out for me.I have always wondered why when I play co op the other people always seem to run around the maps in a race of sorts. Cause they’re thieves. I get it now. Personally , it doesn’t matter to me I just wish they’d slow down and enjoy the game. they could have whatever they want. I have everything already

Dam mobile crap

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I generally play solo. First playthrough is strictly solo, doing everything in my own tempo, doing sidequests, getting gear, avoiding spoilers. I had a lower level clappy to stomp around co-op with.
Farming is also solo because screw loot ninjas. It’s a shame because I enjoy co-op more but farming runs take up the majority of my time. Why the hell isn’t loot instanced?

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I feel your mobile pain!



What does “instanced” mean?

Each person gets something different on their screen. Like I would get a green shield and you would get a white pistol from the same enemy drop.

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But yeah, it was the non-respawnables and rarity of higher than green loot, as well as shared loot drops, that created the loot thieves / map racers…sadly!


Gotcha, thanks!

I saw how loot ninjas were a problem in Borderlands 2, and I occasionally see it in TPS .it never the less baffles me that it should still be a problem given the new addition of the grinder. where you can now make almost 90 plus percent of the game. however, once a( insert preferred name) always a (reinsert)…

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The loot is client-side, meaning everyone sees different, personalized, “instanced” drops in their own game. You might find a ravager and some pistol ammo on your screen, I’ll find some dollars and a moonstone in the same lockers. As far as I know, borderlands is the only game that doesn’t do this, it’s like the devs have their head in the sand.

EDIT: Damn, ninja’d

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@acnaero is an invisible, phasewalking forums ninja Clappy!

He insta-replies to my new posts pretty frequently!

It isn’t even just loot ninjas, it’s sharing in general. Call me selfish, but especially when there’s 1 in 30 odds of finding desired gear, it’s just a headache to decide who gets it, and who is relegated to another x hours of farming. I guess devs could say “hey, you get more play time to trick out the whole party right?”, I say it’s simpler to just play solo. Really wish I could farm with randoms though.