TPS Solo vs Co-op

well if you’re on 360 hit me up, gt I’ve already stated I have almost everything so if it falls it’s yours

i have been playing BL 1, 2 and tps with the same 2 people. i will occasionally join randos, and met a couple cool people. i can’t really play solo, it isnt as fun with out at least one other person. most randos dont have mics, which to me is odd, cuz you cant talk to em. if i am in a randos game i will ninja loot orange gear and immediamently run to the host and trade it to them. i have seen randos ninja loot gear and say nothing and i dont like it. for chests, i just stand around/on them waiting for host to open and will only grab stuff if the host leaves. im your ideal rando.

tl:dr i cant play solo, not fun.

I like coop, but only with mics. I don’t like playing with other folks and not being able to talk to them.

Which leads to the next thing I like in coop … a plan. I want to be trying to accomplish a goal for the night, not just randomly playing until one or both of us is tired.

I guess being that picky is why I play solo a lot.

When I was on the 360 there were a lot more coop folks with mics. There are not so many on the PC.

In the old BL2 360 forums we did some challenge coop play throughs. Like all white weapon only, or limit total deaths to 12, and see how far each team could get. That was awesome! But folks got bored, so that fell apart. I really liked it and wish it had continued.

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Are you on ps3?

(Just saw this, notifications didn’t tell me because you spelled my name in all lower case)

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yup ps3, psn name is the same as here.

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Ill add you inna bit here.

I don’t have a mic (yet) but id love to co-op with you.

I have a co-op chat room i talk to the people i co-op with in while we play.

sounds good, did that with a friend till she got a mic so no biggy. i hear eclipse/EOS askin for us to give him a bad day! most of my toons are low 60 btw…

Ive got one at 63, three at 50-ish, one at 45, one at 25.

who at 63? my athena is 64, nisha is 62 and aurelia is 62. timmy is 60 and willy is 58-59? and clappy at 50.

My Icy Mistress Aurelia at 63.

Dont know how she’d fare against DLC insanity boss…

aurelia + athena = death. you got contracts?


@ACNAero and i did UVHM as Master Servant.

He was CS Athena and i was Master Tree with as much Cryo middle tree as possible.

Nothing survived very long at all, but i did personally struggle against the Bosun and The Sentinel.

Because you got perma-cryo’d and kept getting killed by adds. There was a point when I saw that you were perma cryo’d and stopped caring about you dying or not because the glitch was only making you dead weight.

sweet. we should do a boss run and ANNIHILATE THEM all! HIGH BROW! if @ACNAero joins ill bring my nisha instead. thats why i like having all the toons.

Ive blocked the memory of that particular fight from my mind; i almost quit mid fight during that battle.

Problem is I haven’t levelled my Athena since that fight. She’s still at level 56-57. Nisha is my only character above 60. I think she’s 62 or 63.


We’ll definitely play soon, man.

Im taking a Borderlands break for a day or two after i went so hard over the “increased loot drop” weekend.

you prolly know by now, but if you can retake cryo dam it should cancel the permaslow. ie: cryo barrel, cryonade urself, etc.

It was increased. I told you that RNG is a troll, nothing else.

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