[TPS] textures loading slow

it takes like 7 seconds for textures to load on the presequel, is that normal? I like the game but that just kills the immersion for me.

This is normal for all games running the unreal engine (I think). Well, I forget the version of it but, yeah it’s normal.

Aren’t tps and bl2 running on the same engine though? The textures in borderlands 2 load pretty quick, usually within a second or 2.

Ported by different people, but the slow loading is still there. TPS also seems to have a clipping issue as well with the smaller models. My claptrap spawns half way through the floor. One day I worry I am going to spawn in a location and clip through the world.


I was in the WEP doing a bit of midgeting and noticed that the pop-in was so slow, it didn’t even bother.

Just had the blurry background shading and no sharp overlay, at all, over the whole length of my visit in
the midget box room. Mainly walls and static items. It was like I had been on a night out down the pub :smile: