Tps tubby and llm

Do you think that tps should have tubbys and llm’s? This could increase the playing chance and allow people to get grinder only drops easier.

I know that there are tubby stalkers, but their spawn rate is ultra rare and their drop rate is even more rare. I’m talking about the good old tubby spawns. Rare and good drop rate. They can have the universal drop rate and spawn as anything. Tubby kraggons, tubby torks, tubby claptraps, etc.

And the llm’s can be the same as well, with the universal pool. Claptraps, Dahl soldiers, etc.

Do you think this should be added in? Why or why not?


I would like it To be added seeing as I’m about to buy the game. But not added in the same way maybe make those loot bugs have good drop rates.


True. So I stop seeing those legendary common skins

Of course they should have been added. All of em. Nothing gets me going like a random LLM jumping out of something. Tubby and chubby is a real cool way of keeping things interesting. Hope to see em in BL3!


Yes, they should have been there from the beginning. If they were, I’d probably still be playing.


Yes. End game farming would be so much better with them.


[quote=“alex_pecore, post:1, topic:1263923”]Do you think that tps should have tubbys and llm’s?[/quote]The tubby enemies are a pleasant surprise (although I think they should be a little more difficult relative to their brethren), but the LLM game mechanic is insanely entertaining. In answer to your question, I think every map in every game ever created should have LLMs, but that might not be for everyone, so just every map available in BL2/TPS would be fine.


The pre sequel already has so many ways to get loot i dont think it needs them. But i would want them. It would be awesome to have tubbys drop exclusive stuff besides a cracked sash. And having loot midgets being able to drop most of the legendarys and even add some new weapons to their loot pool would be even more incredible.


I can see where you are coming from but you would have to use the grinder and that is very time consuming and sometimes you don’t even get what you wanted

Even if LLMs didn’t kick down any loot but were just another enemy to handle, I would be down.


Wait, wait, I need to intervene here. Did you just float the idea of a TUBBY CLAPTRAP???

I’m going to get no work done for days because all I can do is imagine how insanely amazing that would be.


Definitely should be in there. The lack of those and additional raid bosses really kills the end-game for me. It’s still fun, but could be waaaaayyyyyy better with them.

I’ve always thought the game would be better with loot midgets and tubbies.

I don’t think there’s any real defensible reason not to include them.

Tubby lost legion marines would be hil-ar-ious.

I’m just thinking of my clap trap spawning and being a tubby. Lol


There is a tubby Claptrap in the Pre Sequel :wink:

One that you can kill, not give oil to

Very good idea, I can imagine Tubby Kraggon in Serenity’s Waste near Iwajira’s place.

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Or a tubby shuggarath or rathyd


giant, flying dicks with wings XD

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