TPS Unofficial Community Patch Thread

EDITED: 11/30/2017 @Jim_Raven @00Schmidt @nikitazed @jafortune @the_Nocturni @ugyuu The crew has FINISHED A NEW UPDATE! file link below!!

All necessary files are included in the links Jim has given in his youtubes. But I have additionally included them below.


WARNING It appears that folks are having issues with the Hex Editing process that is first necessary to run the patch.

1. Always…and I mean ALWAYS…keep a BACKUP of your original Borderlands TPS.exe

2. Turn off ANY and ALL antivirus programs to include Windows Defender BEFORE you do the Hex Editing. You can turn them back on again AFTER you save the hex edit and REBOOT your machine.

3. It appears that Microsoft has upgraded Windows Defender so that it may interfere with Hex edits. ENSURE it is disabled before Hex Editing.

Another Community Patch Thread with a different game. And once again, I have run this by the mods and powers to be to insure we are OK with this. And once again, they have agreed as long as we:

Discuss patch as a PC only patch (unfortunately, discussing it as a console patch breaks ToS with Microsoft and Sony)

Realize TOTALLY that GB had NOTHING to do with this effort and take NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER

Comments are to provide KNOWLEDGE, HELP and INPUT of any problems and SUGGESTIONS to the authors for improvement.

We keep this professional…comments like “this sucks for console owners” are meaningless, the situation is what it is.

As in all patches of this nature, the author takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage you do to your game. I have experienced ZERO PROBLEMS of any sort, but the old truism is in effect. BACK UP!

OK, with that in mind, here is the location information on this patch…The Authors are looking for any input!. The Changelog is at the beginning of the patch itself.

Patch 2.0

Patch Notes Here:

Once again…You must use the Hex Editor method Shadow describes Here on A COPY of BorderlandsTPS.exe You must do that first. It takes just a wee bit of patience to install it but once done you have the OPTION to play with the patch active or totally normal gameplay. It does not harm game files in any fashion from my testing and I applaud the effort! It is REALLY QUITE CLEVER. The Authors are trying to do a VERY careful job of ENHANCING the game and not breaking it with a bunch of OP Evil Smasher like crap. They have made a TON of changes …all Superb!!.

Filter Tool Link which simplifies Hex Editing and a BUNH of things:

TPS got a bad rap and it’s unfortunate. By games end with the Claptrap DLC it was a VERY good game.


This is a great opportunity to provide feedback and ideas…and ENJOY!



Alright, I’m next :slight_smile:

The Globber needs love, badly
The Cat’O nine tails needs a buff
The Black snake should be more interesting

The Firestarta needs a big buff to ignite chance so that its name makes sense (and for it to stop sucking)

Wilhelm needs a serious buff
And Nisha needs Gunslinger and Pickpocket fixed so that there can be builds outside of crapshooters


Thanks for making this. We value feedback greatly which is why we have it released as aplha and update almost daily.

Skills is not something we cant look into YET but hopefully in the future we get past our technical difficulties.
Thankfully not many skills need alterations in TPS.

One thing that mostly i cant take is reffering on a specific change being OP one char while the rest is ok with it. Its similar to BL2 if you try to balance around sal then Not much can be done but if you try to balance toward all of the cast then its better.

BUT while this is made by me and schmidt we do not intend to keep anything that the commnunity speak out against. For example i got like 3 people telling me lady fist is bad for the game and if more do we might change it to something else BUT again i try to avoid alterations as to keep it more to a “patch” mod rather than a conversion mod or overhaul mod.

Once again ty for spreading the word i appreciate it and looking towards all yo feedback


Thanks Jim!

What always astounds me is how some folks assume that their way of playing is the ONLY way to play!

Or that what bothers them…bothers everyone.

LadyFist in TPS…sure…why not.

I mean if someone doesn’t like it, they can always choose NOT to use it.

It’s like sometimes people forget they have a CHOICE.

Again…thanks for this effort!!
And Wilhelm DOES need a buff…LOL

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I was actually a staunch opponent of its inclusion.
I argued that it would totally break Nisha and that she didn’t need to be broken further

But after trying it out, it’s …rather fine. Sure it’s a bit broken when you build around it, but otherwise, it’s ok :slight_smile:

So yeah, nothing is off-limits, especially with guns that are already in the code As far as i’m concerned.

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But with Nisha…isn’t a lot of stuff broken if you build around it? LOL

Luck Cannon…yada. yada

And hence Jim’s point.

She’s the Sal of TPS. At least that’s what I thought when I co-oped with her.

I never started her character so I may not have a clue what I am talking about.:grinning:

You’re kinda right, but it’s mostly Tombstone that’s the problem.

A lot of the “best results” you see with her are best case scenarios too, she’s much more balanced in general Mobbing than in “Time trial” type things.

If there wasn’t a COM that boosted tombstone, you would not be hearing anything about her being broken. She actually has more than her fair share of lukewarm-to-horrible skills …

When it comes to the Lady-fist, it’s also about tombstone: 1600% crit bonus to your grenades ? yeah… that’s what I mean


+1 to all the above…The Firestarta could be really good and interesting and it will fill a void because to me…fire weps just kinda suck in TPS…

Am I wrong??


She’s not Sal though…not by a long shot
Sal has insane DPS…and can sustain it forever

Nisha also has insane DPS…but she’s a brushfire … I can run out of ammo in less than a minute with her
Playing her is kinda like anger management class :stuck_out_tongue:
Playing the Hulk is as much about smashing things as it is knowing when to smash things :wink:


Would it be possible to do anything with the elemental lasers you get during that Janey side quest, particularly in TVHM and UVHM? They absolutely SUCK in any mode other than NVHM, and they’re not that great there either. It’s like Luke going up against Darth Vader equipped with a 1.5V incandescent bulb flash light.

Also seconded on the FireStarta - great looking weapon, loved it in NVHM, but it really needs to start fires easier (and burn longer).

Edit: On the Lady Fist – since I am unlikely to ever benefit from this patch then sure, go ahead!


There are a lot of places where fire DoTs don’t work… and enemy shields are bigger in TPS, so yeah, fire is much less interesting than in BL2

But I think that’s for the best honestly: BL2 was all about corrosive and fire, with Slag thrown in…nothing else mattered

Now, with armored enemies being rarer, shields being bigger … Shock is interesting, NE is interesting because they have higher damage and there are no bones, Explosive is interesting for the same reason and Cryo is optional, but just as interesting because its weak against shields but you have a payoff once you get past it.

In short: elements in TPS are very well balanced and damage elements (fire and corrosive) have their place, but they are mostly Boss fight tools, which is totally fine IMO, this is what they should be.

Some weapons of these elements should have a chance to play with the others in mobbing, but they need to bring something cool to the table.

I think the firestarta should have that something special as its a quest reward. Giving it increased DoT chance makes it into a nice niche weapon: you need flesh targets and you need an environment with air, but when you have that, it should be more powerful than most guns


Good explanation Chuck

One disagreement…

Axton and Krieg can LIVE off Explosives although Krieg has all those fire buffs as well

But with Axton…Explosive was his way to go…almost exclusively!


Yeah, of course, and Gaige can play all shock, but that’s because the character makes those elements as good as or better than the 2 damage elements through skills.
But aside from specific synergy built into the skill system, if you have the choice in BL2, you will pick fire or corrosive…because they do more damage… the other type’s strengths matter very little.

In TPS, fire is nerfed because no DoT half the time and big shields, and corrosive is also because armored enemies are rare

Suddenly all the other elements have value for a reason or another, which is what I think is one of the greatest balancing act TPS did over BL2 :slight_smile:


Also, there is no bone. :grin:

[quote=“Chuck80, post:2, topic:1560098”]The Black snake should be more interesting[/quote]I like this… do you have something in mind? I always think, “I wish this fired faster” when I use it if nothing else.

…I haven’t been to Elpis for a while, and that weapon set has somewhat fallen out of my mind. I’ll have to look into that later.

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Not really, but increased DoT seems appropriate for a gun that is corrosive-locked and called snake (and actually shoots in a snakebite pattern :stuck_out_tongue: )

DoTs actually work in TPS, so we need more guns that are specialized to deliver them.

Same goes for the volcano: what Shadow did with it for BL2 would be perfect for TPS too

i made BullPup and Company man both being mission rewards allready. its in the Aplha as well.
The change log might be a bit hard to read because bassically we work independently from one another and then we merge our stuff.

I saw some buffs reccomended, i will try to work on em as well , i would greatly appreciate suggestion as to how to buff em as well cause for example going straight +20-50% dmg is easy but there are guns that just need firerate or mag instead of pure dmg, Regardless i will try to buff whatever is “bad” while trying to not break it.

Speaking of breaking. I recently found how to Remove the IsAirborn Tag on Oz kits. What that means is that oz kits like the can be Permanent Buffs, but from my playtesting with it they are a bit to strong, So what do you guys think of permanent Oz Kit buffs rather than When on air. The melle one i think NEEDS it, especially if you wanna make clappy’s and nishas melle stuff a bit more viable

Also what do you guys think of revrting probes healing OR buffing it?

I think Oz Kits is one of the strong points of TPS, I wouldn’t touch them too much :slight_smile:
Maybe the melee one could use some help, but most of them are fine :slight_smile:

As for the probe, I personally don’t want a grog nozzle 2.0 in the game, it can die in a fire as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you. I made a topic about the Lady Fist like a year and a half ago, this is exactly what I said. They should’ve added it to the actual game.

Who are “they” here? The devs?

Well it’s their choice too, you know, to not put it in the game :slight_smile: