TPS Unofficial Community Patch Thread

Yeah, I know :slight_smile:

I was just listing the things I think it needs to have to be worthwhile … since we were talking about it being a “level 1 gun” :slight_smile:

My main point is: it doesn’t matter if you made it available from a loot source… if it sucks or is boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Wilhelm is so all over the place: He’s got skills that deal with Corrosive, explosive, melee, guns, Fire, Cryo … Man, he’s not really good at anything specific. Axton was about the same, but at least he had a focus on shields and grenade buffs, that’s what made him stand out.

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[quote="Jim_Raven, post:84, topic:1560098, full:true] Its just something that i try to avoid doing since its “lazy” to just up the dmg

Jim, I honestly would not worry too much about that aspect as I think MANY of the guns in the game have great gimmicks and fun ideas… but they simply lack the damage essential to make them attractive for use. Especially at the games higher levels. Take the Wombat or Globber for instance.

TL;DR in many cases all a gun NEEDS to make it totally viable Is a good chunk of damage boost.

This^. Explosive would help him though since it synergizes with some of his Cryo capabilities and fire just…sucks LOL

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he has an explosive Punch that gets boosts from explosive and Melle boosts BUT NOT ROID soo i wouldnt say he has melle skills tbh. If so the run i described would have had less value xD

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Speaking of skills, There is a change that I have been meaning to bring up, and it pertains to this:

I have an idea that would fix the Cowgirl COM, Nisha’s middle tree, her crippling ammo issues and her worst skill all at once.

Gunslinger is desperately bad.
I mean, 5 skill points to reload 5 bullets ?
Salvador gets this for free… for both guns… for the whole magazine
And its tier 4 !

Here’s What I would do:

Make those bullets free (not taken from your reserve)
And make the skill proc on all kills during showdown as well
(if possible, make it so that it doesn’t give free rockets)

Wilhem has a mod and an Oz Kit that has explosive damage buffs IIRC

I have an idea…let me think on it a bit

If VC goes explosive…maybe there’s a way to give Wilhelm an “Explosive Identity”

Not do much the grenade damage buff route…more the Explosive damage route.

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Great feedback @Tokesy97!

Disagree on some of the Wilhem but I think mainly because you appear to spec Waaay differently than I do.

Lemme see if I can come up with some counter arguments on the points mentioned.

As to Meteor Slam… yeah that is probably too high… I just don’t slam that much and its probably a limiting factor in my playstyle. But it does need “something” to make it more attractive and exciting. Nobody takes the skill that I am aware of indicating (at least to me) that it just isnt attractive enough.

Cold War
The extra Cryo chance for a Cryo weapon is just AWFUL and is counterintuitive to the skill itself which makes you use shock, fire or corrosive weapon to begin with (not counting other sources like grenades).

What do you think about a 5% per point bonus to Explosive damage for the second bonus. Because Explosive damage synergizes VERY well with cryo and frozen targets. And fits nicely with that skill’ theme of “Cold War.” And now you have a true reason to take the skill instead of Escalation which is just too good. Almost a relic level boost to explosive damage in addition to DoT freezing

And…its another good GUN alternative to damn lasers, Bulwark and Eddie which I am just soooo tired of. LOL

I made a thread for Athena’s skill but since it’s not active at all I’ll simply drop my suggestions here. For Athena the only tree that really needs love is Xiphos, especially the bottom half of it.

Bloodlust - Bloodlust being a stacking skill makes it very hard to use it, killing an enemy reduces a stack so to reach it’s full potential you have to move between enemies without killing them and still taking heavy damage (and killing enemies makes you weaker). Most of the time you’ll apply a bleed kill the enemy and move to the next but the skill is balanced around having multiple stacks.

Not dependent on enemy staying alive (lasts like a rend duration), not a stacking skill anymore. 1.5% - 2% of max health per point.

Fury Of The Arena - bad for similar reasons of Bloodlust, killing enemies will reduce your DPS.

Not dependent on enemy staying alive (lasts like a full rend duration), not a stacking skill anymore. 6% - 8% fire rate and reload speed.

Epicenter - Epicenter - make the pull stronger and give it a cooldown around 6-8 seconds. (Blood rush kind of makes this skill redundant in my eyes since it’s a great gap closer, I’m not sure if a buff can actually make this worth it)

You’ve Got Red On You - make the explosion radius bigger. I would suggest an increase to damage but I barely
saw it damaging an enemy to know if it needs a damage buff.


Sorry if you meant for only John or Chuck to answer, but I hope you don’t mind my .2c.

While it may have been GB’s intention to make Wilhelm the tankiest of the bunch, that was not the way he turned out. Athena has the ability to negate almost all frontal damage a majority of the time, Jack has way better health regen AND damage reduction, Claptrap also has a good amount of health and damage reduction as well as potent shield regen, and even Nisha can be extremely beefey with a turtle shield and max order stacks. So to balance Wilhelm around having better survivability at the cost of damage doesn’t work out when there are 2 characters that are far better at tanking than him, and another that can tank just as well.

Also, in an ARPG like Borderlands, it doesn’t make any sense to shoehorn a character into roles like “tanky”, “support”, or “damage” because every character has to do all 3. Even in BL 2, no character was consistently half as strong as the others (if time trials are the metric we’re using to denote strength, Willy consistently takes twice as long to do most of the hardest bosses) 100% of the time.

If Willy is going to do less damage than everybody, he should have some gimmick other than tanking, which most characters can do just as well if not better than him. With that in mind…

Though skills are secondary to weapons, I’d just like to throw in my opinions on some skills changes to keep this post on topic.

Cold War- Make this increase all elemental effect chance by 7 per level, and increase the cryo effect to 12% per level to give it a really high chance.

Venom Bolts- Wolf has a 4% chance to fire an extra bolt in the volley.

First to Fight- Damaging an enemy gives increased shield regen by 3%, decreases recharge delay by 3%, and damage reduction by 2%.

Kinetic Armor- Gives you a 4% chance to reflect 250% damage back at attacking enemies.


This is absolutely correct…and it reinforces my point.

It’s not that Willy is “bad”…he’s not and can get the job done…eventually.

It’s just that he doesn’t measure up to the other Characters by far in some instances. and he really doesn’t have an “identity” in my mind…not like all the BL characters and not like the other TPS characters.

What is he really good at…

Target designation with Laser Guided…his best skill and most valuable to the team…by far

Everything else he is just kind of meh to OK
Tanking…OK to good not great
Lasers…OK to good not great
Everything else…meh

1 Like This will give you guys a basic idea on whats going on. Its kinda lengthy but if you people wanna learn more about our way of doing stuff why and how and what and what not


Great Vid!..Will Add it to the OP…THANKS!!

Just adding Something. Just because we didnt reply to each comment doesnt mean we didnt read em if someone felt like that. As we have mentioned several times we appreciate any form of feedback/Suggestion. Although for now try to keep it gear related :slight_smile:

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In that case…

There are a lot of “shoot the floor and win” weapons in TPS. MINAC’s, the boomacorn, the bossnova, the woombat and moonscaper, the 2 scoops to some extent, and the cat’o’nine tails. Would it be possible change some of those weapons to have a more interesting gimmick?

Maybe for the bossnova, it could work like the bandit Prazma cannons and just spew giant slobs of AOE nukes down on enemies the higher up you aim.

If thats a firing pattern that does not exist in the game it cannot be done. Even with dave’s BL2 weapon which “seem” to be making New Firing modes its actually a combinations of exissting ones. For example His AoN getting killed when shooting is bassicaly orphan makers effect pumped up.

You can’t get the exact prazma cannon firing pattern, but you can definitely simulate a large arcing AoE.

Prazma Canon firing pattern is probably the bullet split one, with the child projectile velocity set at 0 so it will fall down. I don’t know if the velocity can be set though.

[quote=“diator1730, post:104, topic:1560098, full:true”]Prazma Canon firing pattern is probably the bullet split one, with the child projectile velocity set at 0 so it will fall down. I don’t know if the velocity can be set though.[/quote]Do the child projectiles fall straight down where they spawn? It seems like they have a little forward momentum. Still, that does seem like the mechanism behind the behavior.

I don’t pay attention to it that much though. Probably needs a second player as an observer for a good observation.