TPS Unofficial Community Patch Thread

(jafortune) #202

Just took a look in to that.
The animation can be sped up but it doesn’t affect the time before the projectile spawns. Still working on that part.

(Jim Raven) #203

I kinda need ya guys to Suggest if you want to see any further Class mod changes. Bounty Hunter comes in mind but since i dont play nisha i dont know what to change it to without making it OP or even worse.

Cause i made some further adjustment to OZ Kits. i dont think any other weapons need a buff thats not allready in the list. Shields for the most part are fine in TPS feel free to suggest something for em too cause ive done way to little with shields. Similar with nades.

(Spark Seeker) #204

@DeputyChuck can suggest some Nisha COM changes, I guess.
@BookEmDano for Athena, of course.

(RavingRants are back) #205

I also did look into that earlier
Yes seem the delay is unaffected but you can make him salute faster(or slower :stuck_out_tongue:)

The Delay Behaviors are very resistant to change unfortunately

(Jim Raven) #206

Just wanna Inform ya guys, i made a pseudo OP8 Mod which i will be uploading tommorow as standalone (meaning not part of the patch but you can add it if ya want to)

Pseudo OP8 Means you get the difficulty of OP8 at op0 (lvl 70)

(Sheriff) #207

Changes to COMs will be highly dependent on skill changes. Some COMs suck because the skill they boost are bad, but if those skills become good, they might be just fine.

But all other things being equal, I would like to see Nisha’s Cowgirl COM’s ammo bonus be increased significantly. At level 70, a 60 bullets boost is laughable. it could easily be increased tenfold without a problem. In BL2, the stockpile relics went up to about 80%.

the bonus could be converted to a % increase instead of a flat one, with maybe the same value as a percentage (like, 66 bullets becomes 66% increase)

(Benzillah) #208

Does the animation have anything to do with the animation lockout? It’s been quite some time since I’ve specced into Hyperion Punch, so I just jumped in game to jog my memory on its animation time. It looks like ~2.5 seconds from the moment you press melee to the instant you can perform other actions again.

I’m curious as to whether that timer can be shortened at all, even if the projectile can’t be made to launch any quicker. The delay between shots even on a slow Torgue quad is going to be quite a bit faster than that with Drop the Hammer, Livin’ Near the Edge, All the Things are Awesome, and HIGH FIVES GUYS.

If that delay could be shortened at all, it would be much easier to find a place for Hyperion Punch in actual combat. Though I’m assuming you’re saying that the only thing you’ve been able to change so far is the visual associated with the ability, and the mechanics have been difficult to adjust? Bummer if so, but thanks for looking into it. If only Claptrap had gotten Power Fist instead of Wilhelm!

(RavingRants are back) #209

He can resume shooting his gun when the salutations end

So yes if you speed up the animation
Youd be able to get back to shooting much earlier

I also tried to make it so that you could continue firing while saluting
But it didnt work for Hyperion Punch for some reason

(Spark Seeker) #210

If Wanted formula wasnt fixed the Bounty Hunter could be a thing.


Did you also add Weapon Swap Speed to the mod?

(Jim Raven) #212

pretty sure weapon swap speed is UVHM not OP lvls



(00 Schmidt) #214

N[quote=“johnrr6, post:87, topic:1560098”]
Jim, I honestly would not worry too much about that aspect as I think MANY of the guns in the game have great gimmicks and fun ideas… but they simply lack the damage essential to make them attractive for use. Especially at the games higher levels. Take the Wombat or Globber for instance.

TL;DR in many cases all a gun NEEDS to make it totally viable Is a good chunk of damage boost.
If you can think of a few other than those feel free too share em, it is a quick thing to implement and would be helpful

(Tuki) #215

Started a new UVHM playthru using PatchAlpha6 with a level 54 Wilhelm, currently using a laser build, about to start the assemble-Felicity quest line.Currently level 62, using blue/purple lasers with EDDIE, Prismatic Bulwark and a Celestial mod, mobbing feels pretty fun with the mobility, swap speed and damage buffs. Some things I like off the top of my head:


  • Cryo grenades applying freeze better. I was running with a somewhat ineffective cryo mirv mod that just became much more effective at freezing enemies.
  • Getting some unique items from quest rewards.


  • The weapon swap speed on Afterburner, thank god! It felt so sluggish mobbing with multiple weapons before.
  • The change from gun damage to sprint speed in the Shock Absorbers skill. It was a pain to ge the bonus correctly while mobbing and the speed is nice in general. especially during Overcharge.
    • I think jumps are longer now, not sure if there are any game-breaking problems with that with areas you can now get to without a vehicle.
  • The Kinetic Armor to a 1-point skill, otherwise I would have never taken this skill.
  • The easier stacking of damage reduction with Hard to Kill.
  • Vengeance Cannon feels like a capstone skill now. When my shield goes down and both Emergency Response and the cannon kick in, it shreds.
  • First to Fight worth at least a point now, if not more.
  • Healing radius on Zero Hour is nice, as well as the extended duration on Overcharge.

Other comments:

  • My build is deep into the Dreadnought tree and recently into the Cyber Commando tree, I still go down against some bosses or when I get careless so I wouldn’t say it’s invincible. Haven’t gone deep into the Hunter-Killer tree, so haven’t checked the changes to the deeper skills there.
  • I still haven’t tipped over to use a purple Master Blaster COM (Venom, Laser Focus, Gun Show), for some reason Celestial feels too good by boosting Afterburner, Targetting Scope and Fire Support, maybe against bosses when it’s hard to get kill skills I’ll switch.
  • Once I get some good shotguns and supporting shield/ozkit/etc I’ll probably try a shotgun or generic gun build.
  • Double XP on UVHM feels about right, I should be finishing the normal playthru near 70, but I started at 54.
  • I’ll try to do the Claptrap DLC at some point to see if I can at least fight EOS by myself, last time I tried with an Athena around level 60 I couldn’t even strip the shield of the 2nd iteration (the one before he turns into a space ship), even though I was specced into Maelstrom and had decent gear, no problems getting that far into the DLC.

** There is a small typo/glitch in the Penetrator description, right before the “no pants required” part, it’s that special dot character not getting encoded/decoded correctly or something. I got my PatchAlpha6 from cloning the git repo, didn’t download it manually or did anyting shady with it. I have a screenshot of how it looks in game if necessary.

(Verrigan Holmes) #216

As someone who plays a lot of Claptrap, I’ve run into a couple little things that I’d like to see patched.

  • Pinata COM: I feel that the ammo regen on this is way too low with a max of 1.2. I think that multiplying this by about 5 or so would make Pinata COMs a lot more viable.

  • I’ve noticed something having to do with Claptrap’s ammo regen in the patch notes, but so far as I can tell, the patch changes nothing along those lines.

  • Maniacal Laughter Skill: Stacks of these decay too fast too soon. I’ve had moments where I deal near constant elemental damage to enemies, but the stacks start to decay as fast as I can build them. A slight decrease in decay speed and a higher delay before decay starts would probably make this a bit more functional.

Were I better at understanding code, I’d do this myself, but I’m afraid I lack the proper skill set. If these changes could be implemented into the patch, I’d appreciate it a great deal. Thank you!

(Jim Raven) #217

Yea apparently some PCs have a problem with that Circle Dot character. ill keep it in mind to change it .

(Jim Raven) #218

Anyone noticed any Random Ammo regen on standby with wilhelm? I had a report of a lvl 18 wilhelm who constantly regened ammo but we havent done anythin like it.

If anyone can verify that this is a thing Cause I CAN NOT recreate it be sure to tell me

(Jim Raven) #219

Ill look into piniata myself and see how i can boost it without breaking. something like 3-4 sounds okish ?
Maniacal Laughter might be a bit harder to implement but we will take a look into that

(Verrigan Holmes) #220

Sounds good to me. I know Salvador’s Hoarder COM can get up to 3.6 with the legendary variant at 4.1.
I hold no high expectations for Maniacal Laughter, but I figured I’d mention it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to look into it!

(Tuki) #221

I’ve only noticed the regen during Overcharge. I’m frequently low on laser ammo so I would probably notice random ammo regen. At level 18 you can’t even get to Overcharge yet, can you? I have no clue what would trigger this bug.