TPS Unofficial Community Patch Thread

(Jim Raven) #262

yea. give it a few tries i guess.


Heyo, I just stumbled here again. I took a look at the Aurelia changes. Generally everything looks pretty good.

I’d have to see Whiteout range in practice before making claims but that sounds pretty strong on an already decent/good skill. The skills biggest problem is that it makes you snowblind in some areas (LLS springs to mind, you don’t see crap in there if you activate AS).

Dutchess, Valet and Glory stack change receive huge praise from me. I never liked how the stacking mechanics potential is tied to your continuous session length. This change cures some of that stupid. I never understood why Glory eats a stack of Valet but that’s really minor.

Podsnappery change is good in a game with Naught and on the character that most covets the shield. Good aim there. Here’s a question that just popped into my mind about the “the lower your health is” skills: can you see their minimum values? I’ve always wondered how much these kind of skills benefit at full health.

Protect your assets I don’t really care about. The buff’s ok and also an indirect small buff to the otherwise very good You first on the side (if the boosted amount counts towards its restored amount, I don’t know if it does). Can you make this skill give Aurelia her portion of the buffs when she is solo? Your personal buffs requiring the contract never made much sense to me.

Wait for it… still worthless in my book. The skills design is just annoying to begin with so I guess there’s not much helping my biased judgment on this one.

A backhand to remember… I always thought this skill could use a little something perhaps but I’m not sure what it could be. I guess this is a fine thing as it does give it a bit more utility without going totally bonkers on buffs. I’m pretty indifferent about this one. Bonus troll points for making it easier to try make other players accidentally run of edges if they are running near them when the sudden speed boost kicks in (I’ve tried this so many times to no avail, perhaps now I shall finally succeed).

Some things that I’d like to see looked into if possible:

  • Frigid touch: Is it possible to make a change that would prevent the healing numbers from visually popping out? They serve zero purpose and can be severely detrimental as they can completely block your view occasionally.

  • Save the queen: Is it possible to fiddle with what causes the enemy to get marked? Getting melee’d in this game is really rare. The skills effect seems okay from the rare times I’ve seen it happen but it’s condition makes this tier 5 skill next to worthless. Is that something that can be changed?

Overall the quality of life changes (stack changes) are very welcome and I included a couple more ideas (Frigid touch visual block is the worst offender). Aurelia is already a superb mobber so I’m a bit wary about the Whiteout change possibly making her reliably a lot tankier than she needs to be. Her situational survivability skills are part of the fun IMO. Good work!

(Jim Raven) #264

well unfortunantly not everyone likes all the buffs the same. Most of those are based on feedback and not personall opinions so its not like i buffed something Cause i thought Hey lets buff this but i buffed stuff cause people asked for em.
ive had people come and tell me wilhelm is fun and all now and ive had people come and tell me wilhelm is broken and not fun. Its a no win situation imo. id look into those two skills for 2.0.
I managed to get a non pooled enemy (magma rivers) to drop somethin. so imma be reworking the loot changes for 2.0


There’s no need to go passive-aggressive on me for posting my first impressions.

I tried searching this topic to see Whiteout discussion and saw nothing and there wasn’t anything in the Aurelia forum either.

(Jim Raven) #266

i was not passive aggressive far from it i was just saying what is happening.

also yea you wouldnt see it cause it between me and people who DMed me and shadowevils dc server as well.

(Johnrr6) #267

I like the Wilhelm buffs Jim!

And anyone who does not…well OK…don’t load that part of the patch…Or don’t load the patch itself. It’s all about choice and that’s what makes this patch so great!


I learned a long time ago working with varied and talented people that you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. It’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s just the way it is.

@Lammas unfortunately bud, Jim did not get a huge amount of feedback from this forum. But the Discord feedback was quite good from Shadow’s server. Yours is the first on Aurelia I have seen in a long time and I thank you for that! Actually, the way you describe the skills sounds interesting as hell and that is a character I never played so you may have actually enticed to be back to the game! :acmaffirmative:


I have no idea what caught your eye but I’m glad I managed to inspire you :smiley:

(Jim Raven) #269

Allright So.
Any reccomendations for Loot changes?
Main New sources : Magma Rivers , Wally Wrong , Fair Dinkum , Corporal Bob. Oscar

Possible New sources : badass Boils, Badass Cherus , badass Dahl Marines Multiple Scav Badasses.

Unfortunatly Lunestalker Sr. Is not an option as vehicled enemies CAN NEVER drop loot other than quest items. (Unless something else is found)

Could also try to add something to the Holodome felicity but i think she only appears in Round 2 if i am not mistaken? been a while since i did holodome soz

There are also RARELY tubby stalkers in R&D dunno if you guys would like me to do something with em.

(Mike) #270

Give the weapons that aren’t obtainable (from my knowledge) specific drops, the things I’d love to see is the Fibber and the Heartbreaker. Great work Jim, hope to see more in the future! :slight_smile:

(Gato Del Fuego) #271

I have hundreds of hours in all BL games–currently playing through BL2 with my friends after taking a break from TPS. It’s my mission to get every character to 70. I just found the community patch for BL2 and it has really improved the game. Finding this is simply incredible. I haven’t tried it out yet, but you guys have done an incredible service to one of my favorite games of all time.

So many small things about TPS you’ve fixed. SDUs, loot pools, the HEARTBREAKER…I cannot wait to try this out. I will be sure to provide all kinds of feedback on anything.

RE: loot. Does Dan Zando drop anything? He could be a potential source. Opha superiors? Badass shuggaraths are fairly common. I’d love to see badass outlaws become a drop more than anything else, they’re intense enemies! Although extremely rare, I’ve seen Tubby Stalkers spawn in R&D. Perhaps add legendary coms to them? For drops, I would love it if the claptrap legendaries could spawn from them–while I love the fantastic voyage, getting drops in the main game would be a true treat, since I love the main playthroughs.

Is it possible to alter drop rates in patches like these? My friends and I noticed in our recent playthroughs that the chest loot quality in TPS is abyssmal–finding a purple is a rare sight, whereas BL2 is rare to not spawn a purple in a red chest. The amount of times we find grenades/shields/oz kkits that nobody wants is also annoying. Again, might not be possible to change this.

I saw that you added fast travel to EOS…if there is ONE thing that could improve this game the most, it would be fast travel in every area that doesn’t have it. Veins, regolith range, stanlon’s liver, Shock Drop dome. Veins are INCREDIBLY annoying to traverse with no way to spawn in. My friends loathe the quests there every time for that reason.

BTW, is it possible to edit the soundtrack with things like this, or is that locked into more “hard” edits of the game data?


This. Please.

(Gato Del Fuego) #273

Also, I didn’t realize that all the “event” blue weapons weren’t obtainable to the swagman! I got the boomacorn from him a month ago and then the wet week a little later that playthough so I assumed that they added all of those drops to him. But I must have gotten massively lucky to get the boomacorn world drop from the swagman. Point is, I’m glad you added those to him anyway!

(Jim Raven) #274

Dan zando doesnt have anything in his pool as far as i know so ill look into him. Its similar to black queen tho as he doesnt always spawn.

I cant add fast travel option to areas that DO NOT have a fast travel station. The only reason EOS worked is because he had one, shock drop slaughter ,veins regolith etc do not have one as far as i am aware.

Unfortunate as it is we Cannot add a fast travel station to a certain place as this would be map editing and its just not possible with our tools

Sound is possible to be changed in some occasion i havent played with it tho a lot so i cant say for sure.

About claptastic voyage DLC legendaries i like the idea of adding em to stalkers BUT for now i have added em in the General world drop pool SO they could spawn from grinders with the Normal recipe of 3 purples OR 2 legendaries and one purple + moonstone.

I am glad you like the SDU changes :smiley: i always hated how slow it was on normal mode for the first one :slight_smile:

You were prolly extremely lucky witha world drop on swagman as his “normal” pool only has wet week. All the event weapons tho can drop from any source that drops blues be that vendors quests or enemies. Havent seen any in chests tho so i cant say chests too

(Gato Del Fuego) #275

For COMs the only ones that jump out at me are some of wilhelms. Why the projector (+laser fire rate) isn’t boosting laser focus is beyond me. Now that afterburner has lost the wolf bonus, I would recommend that the boost from the Fighter COM be transferred to suppression (enough to give wolf 150% fire rate? true power). The Equilizer COM for some reason has the same skill boosts as the fighter, and with the above change it would be completely identical. Why not make it a general gun booster for Wilhelm? Rapid Reinforcement, Gun Show, Suppression or Fire Support. The terminator is sort of all over the place. It’s the only booster of Cold War he has–so why not turn it into an elemental COM? +Elemental effect %?

And yeah looking through the patch, I would recommend you change Rolling Thunder to one of the above suggestions–shortening that stack gain. It’s a very powerful skill, but it only starts getting really cool after about five minutes. A +.5% really doesn’t make that much difference when the damage isn’t the problem, it’s the time.

And wow, after trying to plan out my skill builds looking at this I realize that I have NO idea what to put points into, because all the skills are so good! Really speaks a lot about the balance this patch includes.

Nisha: cowboy, give pistol ammo regen?


This is off topic but I just wanted to say that I never knew this guy existed until now.

(Jim Raven) #277

In a way the changes to rolling thunder are “timer” ones. For whatever reason altering Delays on many stuff (similar with Gaige’s indirspersed outburst ) just doesnt wanna work for any of us. it keeps reseting back to the vanilla option after a few seconds.

Increasing the DMG of the stacks is like gaining More stacks in less time and its the workaround way we thought really.

I agree with the Cowboy Com i kinda disagree wtih the rest cause they kinda touch “Custom” stuff. I mean , i could make it but ill have it at the bottom of the code with the rest of the Custom stuff for the user to decide if he wants it or not.

(Boneval123) #278

Apologies for asking again, but have you got any more tips to try? can’t get the patch to work on win7, tried disabling antivirus and windows defender, hexing multiple times but no dice.

(Jim Raven) #279

Maybe you could try the filter tool LightChaosMan Made it has an automatic Hexedit feature when you run it here let me grab the link for ya. You would need to install JRE tho for it to run if i recall correctly (its a java addon for programmers mostly nothing weird of dangerous about it) ill actually ask him just in case but here is the link Its the FilterTool.jar .

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #280

I’ve tried using the hex edit function on the filter tool for TPS, it still did not work for me.

(also known as brandpanz) #281

I like the Wilhelm changes a lot so far, but I’ve been wondering for a while, what if there was a separate patch or something to make corrosive gear more viable on him (i.e. to the point where he can use corrosive against flesh with about the same efficiency as shock or fire)? It would both make him more unique among the TPS characters and make corrosive weapons in general more useful. Not entirely sure if such an idea is plausible though.