TPS Unofficial Community Patch Thread

(David A.) #322

Is Java enabled once you’ve extracted the file? Is there a specific program I need to use to open FilterTool? It’s still appearing as a WinRAR file on my computer.

(Jim Raven) #323

Right Click on the filter tool -> properties - > Opens With Change -> Java


Yes, Multitool has the “basepatch” included, to use the console and therefore the patches.

Just did a quick test again and it works fine here. The Hexediting doesn’t work with non-legit copies. Just throwing it out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have an account on GitHub, @David_Ayy , feel free to open up an issue over there and I’ll try to help you out :+1:

EDIT: There actually was an issue, but only if you have been offered to let the tool patch the game for you and you accepted.

This issue has been fixed now! If you do have a backup of your .exe, please restore that one and redownload the Multitool (v1.11) now.

If you do not have any backup, you can delete/rename your exe and let Steam verify your game-files.

Sorry for this issue!

(Jim Raven) #325

Ah cody.Thanks for coming and clarifying. i would have informed ya of the issue but i had a brain error and couldnt for the life of me remember who made the hex multitool. Glad you found it :slight_smile:

(Some say sic sense) #326

So today I got a non-elemental Maliwan pistol out of a Moonstone chest

It remained non-elemental even without the patch running, so it may have been the game itself derping, but figured I’d share in case it was a bug. Perhaps something related to the cryo pistol fix?

(Jim Raven) #327

This is related to Maliwans Spawning earlier than usual.
Fire /shock spawns at lvl gatestage 6 (which is not lvl 6 its something different)
This is fixed in Patch 2.0 which will be released in a few days

(Jim Raven) #328

Heyo Guys.
Version 2.0 of The Patch is now live. Get it now at

On a SideNote. Should i Start a New thread for it seeing as this one is getting plenty old or?

Ill be updating this post with Links to Videos Talking about the Patch notes and other stuff as soon as my net actually lets me Upload them xD

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #329

Just keep it going, the thread can go to 10,000 posts so you’ve got plenty of time until @system autocloses it.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #330

Chubby Stalkers Now have a 10% chance at appearing from 0.1%

I didn’t even know they could spawn. :laughing:

Claptraps Meat Unicycle can now be removed from the options of VaultHunter.exe

I love you. I mean, that’s not really in the spirit of his executable, but still. :+1:

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #331

Quick question, based on the fact Moonstones are picked up automatically, could you do this with Moxxi’s Slammer boosters? Or would that have to apply to all boosters for the effect to work?

(Jim Raven) #332

heh yea i feel the same. Its an option so you have to turn it on to be in effect.

(Jim Raven) #333

I believe it will affect all Booster packs but ill have a look at it just in case

Edit Yes it is possible.

set GD_Shields.BuffDrinks.BuffDrink_OxygenInstant_MoxxisSlammer bAutomaticallyPickup True
Put this either into your Txt or in the console.
Personally i had problem knowing when i dropped it cause it was insta picked xD

(Jim Raven) #334

Made a vid explaining the thought proccess behind some of the new changes (like Why TF did i ever buff Jack) and showcasing a few of the patch notes as well as explaining em all in the process.
Kinda lengthy!

And here is a video explaining how to Use the Filter tool to enable/disable stuff you like/dislike and use any of the Customs

Inside it shows how you can disable Meat Unicycle for example

(Jim Raven) #335

Terribly Sorry to be doing this but there was some leftover code from patch1.0 which messed up some stuff about FlameKnuckle and Nel. Fixed now redownload and Sorry again for not paying attention to it before.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #336

Sponsored By: change Dahl enhancement to burst fire? Heck yeah. I might see if I couldn’t skip rocket launchers, but I’m good either way.

(Jim Raven) #337

I managed to make Luneshines Spawn in the Wild. is that something you guys would want as an optional thing?

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #338

If it’s optional, even if I don’t want it, I want it.

For me, I don’t actually think any of my characters have a Luneshine weapon to their name. Having them drop in the wild might get me to consider using them.

(Some say sic sense) #339

Still finding non-elemental Maliwan pistols in early game (and in nearly the same spot, coincidentally). Definitely running the new version of UCP, too, so there must still be some issue.

(Jim Raven) #340

Thats odd. made two chars and farmed a couple chests at lvl 5-7 all the maliwans i found were fire… ill give it another look i suppose.

(Some say sic sense) #341

Dunno if that has anything to deal with loot pools, but both non-elemental Maliwans I found were in Crisis Scar, the first one in the Moonstone Chest just past RedBelly, and another one was dropped somewhere during the fight with him.