TPS: what the f#ck happened to DLC & Loot?

so I complained about this before, but it didn’t get much attention, and it was over a year ago.

I can SAFELY say that since the release of the ‘Handsome Collection’ that TPS has become ‘locked in’

they released the DLC they wanted, and wont release anything else.

this im kind of fine with. in BL2, the special edition was supposed to contain all DLC, but cosmetic & headhunter DLC somehow didn’t make it in. so im kind of glad they didn’t do that crap again.

what bugs me though is the lack of customization granted theres still a bunch of stuff to be had here. but its not much compared to BL2’s customization. even if I don’t include the head’s given in the DLC, every character got 16+ heads, even the dlc characters.

in TPS, they received less than 12, 3 of which you start with

its bugging me damn it.

edit ok so my topic is asking why there is so few skins & heads in TPS compared to BL2

and his is asking if there is ever going to be more DLC for TPS

Yeah moderator. that’s EXACTLY the same. yup.

Discussion closed due to…f#ck if know.

I mean if you look like 3 posts below in this exact same forum you’ll find a previous topic, almost exclusively discussing this exactly.

Yeah…what he said.