Tps worried about my ps4

Recently some one on my friends list told me they had some gear for me and that i should put my game on invite only and invite them in. When i did this he proceeded to drop a little over 100 items out of his invemtory including lvl op 55 items. I picked a few up before thinking and logged out. They next day i noticed some white screen flashes while i was in game and i think i saw one or two out of game as well. I forced update in safe mode and rebuilt the database. The items i picked up have been disposed of and the screen flashes are gone, but should i still be worried?

If everything seems normal now, then no. No worries. But those items were hacked. Im sure you know there is no op55. Best advice is to avoid gear like that in the future. (It also breaches the ps4s terms of service) Never know what could happen.

I didnt try to pick any up, i logged as soon as i saw one but had picked one up by mistake already. I was just freaking a bit because i played with a guy today that told me that a similar thing happened to him in bl1 which resulted in the loss of all gear weapon slots and skill points. So now I’m just trying to be extra careful.

Always good to be careful!