Tracer Does Smash Ultimate - A Journey through Time and Space

My journey began on February 18th at 1:59 PM shortly after I came back from the Best of Buys with my brand new Switch, I turned on the console, inserted the game card, connected the controller and I was ready to play.

25 minutes later, I cleared Classic Mode for the first time and Sonic joined the roster.

About an hour later, Bayonetta joined the battle.

After I had unlocked the two Sega characters, I had dinner and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up, had breakfast, did some studying and played again.

Zelda joined the battle, then Ness, Little Mac, Inkling, Villager, Bowser, Pit, Marth, Young Link, and the Wii Fit Trainer.

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The next day, I did the usual stuff, and I went to play again.

The Ice Climbers were the first fighters I unlocked that day. Along with Ike, Captain Falcon, ZSS, and Peach.

Two and half hours later, I unlocked Luigi.

Another hour later, Roy and Ryu joined. Then I had dinner and went upstairs to play Halo: MCC on my computer.

After my parents vacated the room, I went on the Switch again and unlocked Jigglypuff and Dr. Mario.

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Tracer, I hate to be that guy… especially cause I just found out classic mode was a thing today and I would have preferred to go that road, but the quickest route to unlock all players is to just do a lot of smash battles.

I’ve been dedicating an hour to an hour and a half of my drunk days to playing for an hour and unlocking them 5 at a time - they usually unlock every 4-8 fights, and you can redo new challengers from the blue screen (cant remember the name at the second).

You can also grab 1 of 3 real easy by starting the longwinded kirby only story mode - its a big ups if your main in previous games was marth, shiek or someone else that I again can’t remember, but you only get that quick unlock after a few Kirby games.

That being said, keep me updated.

I was doing a lot of Smash Battles as well. (That’s how I unlocked a lot of characters at once.)

I just unlocked Olimar, King K. Rool, Simon and the Pokemon Trainer today.

I’m about to unlock Isabelle.

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Absolutely on par to unlock everyone before me.

I did the DLC today, and I’m trying hard to stick to unlocking 5 characters at a time just cause I hate burning time through that.

May start doing some classic mode stuff later though!

I’ll drop a list of what I’ve got so far in here at some time tonight.

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I unlocked Isabelle, Shulk, and Lucina yesterday.

Now it’s midnight and Wario was joined the party!

After I unlocked Pac-Man, I went to bed, woke up and got Rosalina and King Dedede.

Ridley, Lucario, and Sheik have joined as well.