Track IR and/or Nvidia 3D Vision for Homeworld Remastered?

Could Homeworld Remastered possibly support TrackIR and/or Nvidia 3D vision in the future?

Head tracking with/or 3D support would be an interesting addition to the space immersion.

Thank you!

I feel that dedicated VR support would be a more powerful experience, and the same hooks could be used for TrackIR.

Hey, @BitVenom, you didn’t forgot about this, didn’t you? A guy un reddit managed to get Oculus working with the HW 1 Classic version, and it looks great ( )

I know you’re in bug hunting right now, just wanted to hype you up a little so you remember to investigate this when you have time :smile:

I’m all over 3D ‘stuff’ support - but we have much, much bigger fish to fry in the near-term. In the long term I also have a rather busy list, but I want some of this to be on it. Not really my call though - I (mostly) do what I am told! :wink:

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I have TrackIR, but …how?

There’s another thing lying on my table that would make much more sense, the 3Dconnexion Space Explorer. Now that would be awesome.

Seriously I want to support that SO BAD. Because that plus some IR goggles… the result is ‘not safe for forum/work’.

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I mean it’s a bit like telekinesis, a camera mind control. Yes it’s your left hand doing it, but you just don’t think about it, it happens and it’s so natural. Combine it with that IR or VR goggle and playing Homeworld would be like another state of being.

I wonder where I can get one? There are probably not cheap? Is there a ‘has it all’ model I could aim for to cover all the bases?

The highest one is the Space Pilot and that’s not cheap at all. Space Navigator is the smallest one and that one is cheap, it only has two buttons. Technically the middle 6-axis controller is all you need.

Just watched a space pilot 3d mouse demo.

@BitVenom I for one would pay an extra $30 for VR/Space Pilot support for HWR. Go tell the pencil-pushing nickel-squeezers.


Wait - you’ll pay me $30, or Gearbox? I mean, if I can soak up the extra cash from the work, and find another 3-4 of you willing - I can buy myself the gadget, hook it up, and profit. Oh wait, and then probably be immediately fired. Doh.

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On my own dime. Don’t say I never did anything good for ya! :wink: Yes, that’s the Pro version with the buttload of extra buttons. I’ll make this a little ‘personal’ project - so ZERO promises as to time of delivery for support, if ever.


Hell yes! :slight_smile:

If there’s any way you could get this thing to work in the original borderlands editor I would be forever grateful… I have the same one collecting dust in my drawer waiting for precisely this kind of advancement!

… and Bitvenom was never seen or heard from again…

Five years later there will be a news report of a naked, bearded man running down the street screaming “I finally made it work with Homeworld!!!”


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