Tracker grenades acting odd?

Is anyone experiencing odd behavior with tracker grenades? My seem to sometimes target me. Other times they actually chase me around and buzz around me until they explode.

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Are you fighting enemies with baseball bats?

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There must be an equiv to the boomer in the DLC. Guess I didn’t notice them.


Noticed something similar with the CMT. When all the enemies are dead, a couple target me, the grenade indicator starts to blink all round me for a couple of seconds, along with the tracking sound, and they explode. No enemies around either.

The skag reskins pick them up and throw them back at you. wolversomethign or others I forget their names. There is also an enemy that’s basically a reskin of the COV enemy that bats it back at you.


i thought so too, but i found it happening while killing cultists aswell, and there aren’t any All-Star reskins there. tracker grenades are definitely having issues with target priority.

the amount of clubbers in the bandit packs makes the CMT almost unusable though. they’ll bat the base grenades and after that they only count you as the target.


Had the same earlier. Last of the enemies died and my trackers started spinning over my head and following me. Did some damage when they went boom, but not enough to really hurt.

Yeah that’s more the experience I was talking about. I don’t remember ever seeing the follow-you-around-buzzing once everything is dead behavior.


Yep. Seems to happen the most with the wolves in the DLC. When they’re circling above your head, you can’t even summon IB because it says “Not enough room”. :\


At least they do very little damage.

not when you’re using mindsweeper :open_mouth:

they’re still your grenades and they can crit on you and proc mindsweeper and that can crit on you -.-.

oop. i dead.


Haha that’s bs… Such a stupid outcome. I’d be swapping MS off in those areas with the wolves.

Yep. MS is my go to com for the build I’m using. It can get painful when they bug out sometimes.

Whats weird is that they don’t always explode. Sometimes they just disappear.

Yeah the wolves either send them back to you, or jump up to catch and eat them (you even hear a muffled explosion noise after they munch it down.)

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The cultists might have some abilities to throw them back. They have a diverse set of abilities and I’m still not sure what they can do.

Weird! The tracker grenade ends up interfering with my Ironbear activation and causes it to say “not enough space” until it detonates. I’ve been downed a few times when I needed to emergency jump into IB and couldn’t.

This happens against the wolven in the new DLC, because they’re like skag pups and will catch and throw grenades back at you. (edit: what @Rumplebunny said earlier in the thread, sorry).