Trade Amara class mod with Fl4k peregrine w 5 stalker

LF Amara good class mod with weapon and splash damage or weapon and action skill damage or weapon and SMG damage, any types of class mod are ok
I will trade with below Fl4k peregrine for it
My PSN tellmeitsgoood

I also have face puncher with terror when melee for trading

I have something I could send you. That Fl4k class mod looks fantastic. I’ll add you on PSN.

I sent you an invite but I don’t think you’ve answered it…?

Did you add me yet? PSN tellmeitsgood

Request sent! Sorry this is taking so long, well get there. If you respond I should be able to send the item tonight.

Sent you three really good ones for you to have a choice. Look forward to getting my new Peregrine and Terror Facepuncher :+1:

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sent you 2 terror face punchers x7 n x14
Fl4k Peregrine mod, please check, thanks for your class mods

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