Trade Completed

I had a long week and unfortunately missed the time to save scum for this. I’d love to trade for it. I have a bunch of stuff I’m trying to get rid of if anyone has one of these.

I’ve got an extra one. I’m looking for a radiation Protuberance, Boom Sickle, Faisor, and Devils Foursum with +160% splash on exiting iron Bear. Level 50 stuff is fine.

Are you looking for all of these in Radiation? I don’t have any of those right now, but I can try to farm them up in the mean time.

I also have an 160% Splash Craps & Cutsman if interested.

Yeah I’m looking for any of those in radiation. Could also take a Flakker with that annointment. What element is your craps? As you may have guessed, I’m trying to run a somewhat experimental radiation build with Moze.

Epic: Cat_Thulhu

Unfortunately the craps is Kinetic. I do however have a 125% Splash ASE Itchy Flakker!

Yeah I could do that I suppose. Just add me on Epic, I’ll send it over in about 7-8 hours when I finish work. If you find any of the other stuff I’m actually looking for, please send it my way! Always to trade stuff.

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Sorry for late reply, sending it over now ish

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