Trade for anointed ion cannon(any classes)

I have some good anointed ion cannons, like ASE +125% splash damage, cyro ion cannon with “next 2 magazines are cyro”, rad ion cannon with “next 2 magazines are rad”, moze +120% splash damage for 18 seconds, swapping places with Digi-Clone +130%, etc.

I wanna trade with any 50 lv good rolled class mods or good anointed ion cannon (any classes), such as elemented ion cannon with +125% splash damage, elemented ion cannon with next 2 megazine + 50% that element or any other good ion cannons.

My PSN is AlexGor9527

No speaking of the D word here…

To clarify: it’s not using certain words that is a problem. It’s using the official forum to arrange cheating.