Trade for antifreeze mod

If anyone has an Antifreeze mod for zane please trade with me!!

I have one but it doesn’t have the best stats. I’m looking for gamma burst annointed gear. Specifically Maggie , brainstormer and bekah

Let me see what I have

Seems I dont have any Gamma Burst anointed stuff at the moment. :disappointed_relieved:

I have an iron bear anointed brainstormer where the next 2 mags have 40% incendiary dmg.

Also have a Maggie that gains 15% life steal in ASE

I’m interested in both of those. is there anything else you would like to trade for them.

Nah man I’m good with just the antifreeze I’ll send both items right now. What’s your gamertag?

Hey man sorry I didn’t get back to ya I got sidetracked and lost in the shuffle. If your still looking for the antifreeze my gt is Ye olde wolf

Definitely I will send the items tonight

Items sent

Hey man I will sent that antifreeze over tonight when I get off work

I haven’t received anything. Did you get a chance to send the item over?

Never mind I just got it