Trade for Pink Jakobs lvl 60 and Help with last boss

im looking to trade for the 1 shot pink jakobs pistol I have picked up a few of the new pinkweapons that don’t fit any of my builds and would be happy to trade them for the revolver.
also right now im working on what I think may be the last boss, where shadow trap just fused with the h-source. ive got the first phase down and hes on the satellite mode, but I don’t want to dig out another controller to trade myself some money for ammo, so its progression. I don’t have a mic. gt eyesofdeaf. also, if you want to play be geared correctly, no dead weight.

Wrong section, this is the Borderlands 1 forum. Claptastic Voyage is from the Pre-Sequel.

Got you moved to the right place.