Trade? I have lots of pearls and legendaries

(Jgm40a5) #1

Trade? Play? I’m always on, JGM_08 add me

(Shekhar79) #2


I was wondering if you (or any one else) can spare sometime to help me kill the raid bosses of the first two DLCs on normal mode. I am lv38 Gunzerker and having a hard time doing it on normal mode due to lack of Legendaries. Thanks.

(Cylonq) #3

Hey I’m a lvl 72 gunzerker. I can help you kill anything you want :slight_smile:

(Shekhar79) #4

Thank you very much. Pls add me, my PSN ID is Shekhar79 or let me know your ID so I can add you. Thanks.

(Shekhar79) #5

Mate, you never showed up after this post. I was hoping you’d respond to my PM. Anyway, I’m sure you had your reasons. I managed to get the DLC raid bosses with a person I befriended on PS3. Currently farming warrior at lv50 on TVHM and then will move to UVHM. Kinda scared a little bit about UVHM. Hopefully the gear should fix that.

(Cylonq) #6

Sorry man! I don’t really check here a lot, but my PSN is “GruffekPL” if ur still interested

(mininnguaqnikola) #7

Do you have a perfect legendary sickle class mod? If you have then can i have it!