Trade Legendary items? :)

sry guys for my REALLY bad English :slight_smile:
But i would just ask, can anyone give me some lvl 40-50 Legendary items?
The Problem is i am now lvl 48 but the game is now to hard for me and my Gear is really bad i dont have legendary items for my lvls :frowning:
Iwas farming 2 Days by Doc Merci and Flynt but no Legendary drops and i saw last night a video and i saw a good weapon on this video ,Rubi-Slag" the problem is i made the quest to get this wepaon but i just got Rubi with Fire :frowning:
Anyone here who could give me please some legendary weapons for my lvl or higher, or Rubi with Slag? i would be very Greatful :slight_smile:
I can give too some legendary stuff but i just have for lvl 10-20 and i think no one need this xD

Sry for my English guys. i hope you can understand this xD

My psn is ,Hazebuster_1996" you cann add me but you can write here too, i would be very greatful if anyone help me with my gear :slight_smile: