Trade Legendary Mods For

I’m looking for an explosive bone of the ancients and a slag transfusion grenade (not rubberized) with sub 2 second fuse time. I have a legendary soldier, pointman, engineer, cat, nurse and hunter. They’re all level 72 to OP1 I think. I’m OP3 so I’ll take anywhere from 72 to OP3 slag transfusion grenades.

Hey, bones don’t come in explosive, unfortunately.

Damn. Oh well. I still want a transfusion grenade though.

I doubt you still want it but i have a OP3 slag transfusion. do you have a legendary cat i can get for it? the grenade is homing and has a 1 second fuse timer.

My PS ID is kde676. I can give you the class mod. I don’t use it. I have a purple slag transfusion. I’ve also got the nurse mod if you want that. I got a legendary siren and I’ll never use anything else.