[][] Trade List [][] 01.29.20 Update [][]

PM me with requests and please send all trades to GT: LB Korpse
I might send out your items from an alternate account.

Also looking for some good Roll artifacts listed here.

Any with the prefixes below but with no:
Elemental Resistance
Elemental Chance
Reload Speed
Experience Gain

Feel free to post your list and I’ll take a look.

Atom balm Otto idol 17 heavy dmg 21 ac cool down 16 rad dmg
Ice breaker splatter gun 16 shock dmg 21 ac cool down 1487 max health
Last stand victory Rush 1666 max shield 33aoe
16 corrosive dmg
Snowdrift Otto Idol 17 sniper dmg 1666 max shield 40 mag
Also have gamma gat and bekah

I would like:
Bekah - Gamma 115%
Gatling Gun - Gamma 115%
Atom Bomb Otto Idol
Snowdrift Otto Idol

Let me know what you’d like in return and leave me your gamertag. I can get on later today and send everything over in the mail

Red Suit 20% cool down
Gamma brainstormer x14
Gamma wagon wheel
Cryo SNTNL cryo redistributer
GT: Comatose Jackal

Items sent to your mail

Thanks. Gonna check them in a bit and send yours over

Right on

Items sent. Updated list with new requests.

Updated list

Added more trades