TRADE List here - W/Photos - Updated new additions

Any or all of this is potentially trad-able to get what i need below -

High dps -
Queens Call
Kings Call
Recurring Hex, not cryo
Pipe Bomb

Also need artifacts and Class Mods for Zane Speed build that increase weapon damage + Ammo or speed or health any combo

Message me at xbox - xCaliburxxx

if there is anything you see you want, my want list is above

Also have White Elephants and Deathless artifacts

I’ll trade a shock and rad recurring hex for your barricade front loader and the shock crossroads.

sure thing, send me an invite, gimme a sec to get those off my alt account


OK, all set here to trade

Here’s what I have for Zane class mods

Ramshackle- grants zanes clone binary system augment. Whenever clone receives melee damage is produced a shock nova. +17%weapon crit dam. +9%cov weapon dam. +29% AR damage.

Express- same status affects as above. +20% COR resistance. +45% Jakob’s weapon crit dam +1.6k sheild cap.

Treacherous- whenever Zane kills an enemy he gains increased accuracy, handling, crit dam. Status effect dam. Status effect chance. +9% vladof weapon damage. +24% forgive weapon reload speed. +29% action skill cooldown rate.

I think I might have some others around but I don’t know which mule. Interested in trading for the Arctic night Hawkin

not sure if the treacherous will work on this speed build, but i can still try it, also interested in any otto idol artifacts, especially those that increase dame, fire rate, ammo, or life

I’ll take a look see if I have any speed related ones

Not on right now add me and we can trade
o Hired Gun o

Have now traded away the Jackhammer, Wasp, Cloning Hex, Shock Crossroads, Barricade Front-loader

What’s all left

everything in the post is left besides what i listed here as traded, also farmed last two hours, will be adding more items

Is the night hawkin still available

yes it is

Still looking for otto idol and infiltrator mods with good roles, still have many things above and adding more this evening

Found some Deathless and others to add to my list -

Message me at xCaliburxxx on xbox if you need anything,

I am still looking for otto idols with good stats and Infiltrator mods or a caustic or fire Lyuda over 1000 dam


You interested in this for the knife deathless?

yes sir, i am heading to bed, trade tomorrow? What time are you one, i am in US on Central time
Or we can just email them to each other


LASER - Sploder both Shock and a Fire

Got tonight while farming - Will post photos after work tomorrow. Both will be up for trade