Trade List [MH10 Lvl 60]

GT: Godlike13

Items I am looking for,
LF 50/150 or Gamma Anointed Anarchy X18
LF 50/150 Robins Call x16
LF Gamma Maggie
LF 50/150 Light Show
LF 50/150 Harold
LF Rad Old God w/ASE
LF Quest Reward Grenades w/ASA Grenade Damage 150
LF 50/150 Lob
LF 50/150 Hand of Glory
LF 50/150 Reflux

Items some might be interested in,

Cryo Lob Consecutive Hits
Shock Lob ASE Fire
Shock Lob SNTNL 100

Fire Oldridian Consecutive Hits

Corrosion Soulrender ASE Shock
Cryo Soulrender ASE Fire
Soulrender ASE Corrisive
Fire Soulrender SNTNL 100

Flama Diddle SNTNL 100

X18 Anarchy ASE Fire
X12 Anarcy Rakk Attack 100

Mind Killer Consecutive Hits
Mind Killer ASE Radiation

Rad Rowan’s Call ASE Shock

Night Hawkin ASE Cryo

Seeryul Killur ASE ASE Corrosive

Fire/Shock Beacon Rakk 100

Clairvoyance ASE Fire

Robins Call ASE Corrosive (x9 3.5 zoom)
Robins Call ASE Corrosive (x12)
Robins Call ASE Rad (x9)
Robins Call Consecutive Hit (x9)

Brightside Consecutive Hit

Corrosive Spade ASE Corrosive
Spade ASE Splash

Lucians Call Consecutive Hits

DP Contained Blast ASE Shock

Dakota ASE Fire

Cryo Propriety License ASE Cryo

Fire Light Show Consecutive Hits
Light Show ASE Corrosive
Light Show Rakk 100

Gargoyle ASE Splash
Gargoyle Consecutive Hit

Flipper Consecutive Hit
Flipper SNTL 100

Beacon SNTL 100
Beacon Consecutive hit

Cryo Old God w/absorb and crouching ASE Radiation
Re-charger ASE Fire, Cryo
Stop Gap Cooldown, ASE Cryo, ASS Activate Effect
Transformer ASE Corrosive, Cryo

Various Class Mods

I have a Maggie 50/150 looking for monarchs with good annoitments, plaugebearers,takedown weapons or good fl4k,moze coms or seein deads

I have Fl4k and Moze coms. What stats u looking for. Also I have an ASE Old God

What’s the elements on the old god

Rad on the Anointment, Cryo on the Shield itself.

Got any fl4k coms with weapon damage/ar damage or shotgun damage

I have,
Red Fang - weapon dmg, Grenade capacity, vladolf fire rate
Bounty Hunter - action skills damage, assault rifle damage, + max health
Bounty hunter - maliwan accuracy, assault damage, vladof fire rate
Cosmic stalker - weapon damage, Jacobs crit, vladof weopon damage
Cosmic stalker Jacobs reload, shotgun damage, incendiary resistance
Friend bot - splash damage radius, reload speed, shotgun damage
Dead eye - shotgun damage, Jacobs weopon damage, assault damage
Dead eye - weapon crit damage, +max health, action skill damage

I’d like that bounty hunter with action skill damage, assault rifle damage and max health if cool with you

Ya, that works

Sweet sent :slight_smile:

Yep, got it. Sent u the mod. TYVM

Cool no worries. Also got a trade thread running if you wanna take a peek :blush:

LF an 50/150 or Gamma Anointed Anarchy now too. X18 and over preferably

Items some might be interested in,
Cryo Lob Consecutive Hits
Fire Oldridian Consecutive Hits
Corrosion Soulrender ASE Shock
Cryo Soulrender ASE Fire
Flama Diddle SNTNL 100
X18 Anarcy ASE Shock
X12 Anarcy Rakk Attack 100

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The cryo lob consecutive hits and the x18 anarchy ase shock sound nice,what do you want for them? I have a list up if you want to pick off of there :slight_smile:


I have a 2x Gargoyle, Gamma Burst +115 if you are interested.
Also just got Engulfing Shredifier, Gamma Burst +115

I need Moze mod with +action skills damage and SMG or or pistlol or cooldown . Hoping for a MasterBlaster or Mindsweeper.
GT conch8

Converting into trade list. Will update as I go.

All I have is
BM w/Jacobs Accuracy, Health Regen, AS Cooldown
MS w/AS Cooldown, Atlas Reload, Weapon Reload

There yours if you want. Nothing in return needed. I’ll keep an eye out for ones with more stats your looking for.

Thanks for the offer, Godlike, I am ok for now. If I can help you just let me know.
Stay safe

Ill trade the x18 Anarchy w/ase shock for your 50/150 non elemental monarch.

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