Trade List with Pics! -LF Gunner/Moze gear

Looking for:
Flakker - +120% splash dmg after leaving iron bear
Fire Lyuda - infinite ammo for 5 seconds after leaving iron bear
Recurring Hex - radiation
Deathless with great damage rolls
Fire Rowan’s Call - annointed gunner
Fire Cutsman - annointed gunner

Will trade any here:

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You’ve got lots of good stuff I’m interested in but I don’t have what you’ve listed. Anything else your searching for?


A great damage roll bloodletter, a double shot will-o-wisp, or any gunner/all class incindiary annointed gear is all i can think of right now haha. Sorry about the narrow options but i only have time to play the gunner so i dont have that many needs

Don’t worry about it, people only need what they need. It’s not gunner specific but I do have a fire anointed speedloading hellwalker?

Sorry thats one of the things im selling haha

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Oh lord of course it is. Exact same one too :joy: best other fire I got is a molten Lyuda. Thanks for trying to work something out!

Np, you know where to find me if u happen to find these items and you still want some of my wares, i wont be playing again prob until next weekend