Trade lots items

-Double pen occultist (fire)
-holistic butcher
-Butcher (rad)
-Pen-up Alchemist (fire) annointed life leech
-double pen roisen thorn (cor) annointed zane ice dmg bonus
-double pen laser sploder (ice)
-double pen laser sploder (cor)
-lyuda (ice)
-hellfire (fire) annointed moze speed reload
-foursum (rad)
-bearcat (cor)
-rowan call (shock)
-jericho x2 (rad)
-boring gun annointed speed bullet
-flakker x3 (1 fire)
-front loader (ice)
-front loader(fire)
-sticky quasar (shock)
-storm front x2
-night hawkin (ice)
-stop-gap x3

I need
-mirv tacular hex (cryo if possible)
-Phasezerker with higher Anima and Clarity
-crossroad with more pellet if possible

i dont have what you want but just wanting to see what else bc im looking for storm front