Trade me a legendary psycho class mod?

I need a legendary psycho class mod (any level, but I’m level 60) I can trade op8 pearls, op8 hide of terramorphous, I also have a level 50 siren legendary class mod, a level 49 legendary gunzerker mod, and a level 30 legendary hunter mod. Add me on PS3- SirFlufferton

I’m pretty sure I still have a level 50 slayer of terramorphus in my bank and I just got a level 72 legendary +47 melee damage psycho class mod a few days ago if you want them. I’m not playing the psycho class so I’ll trade for a good relic or the Siren class mod if you still have it. I’m a level 72 commando but I also have a Siren I’m trying to finish UVHM with.