Trade: need Hellshock SNTL cryo and atom balm deathless

AS TITLE says. I am looking for a Hellshock with ant. SNTL Cryo and a Atom Balm Deathless artifact. If you want something, let me know.

I have a atom balm deathless, do you have a radiation monarch w consecutive hits? Or a good lvl 60 atom balm victory rush or elemental projector victory rush?

I am currently getting my brother from work, so give me 30ish minutes to get home? Thank you for a response!

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Its no worries! I’m at work atm anyways for another 8 hours or so. Dm me on psn what you have and if you’ll still be interested then. Psn kirkvisa

I have 2 different monarchs with those anointments. RAD with ASA 200% and CON hits with x4 damage.

Radiated Deathless and Victory Rush: slide rad

Hours later…I got an elemental projector victory rush!

I’m after that rad monarch w consecutive hits please, what rolls does the elemental projector victory rush have? . I can send you the atom balm deathless when I get home if your interested?

I can try for the monarch. Here is a pic of the item:

Ah ok the monarch would be better thanks. Add me on psn kirkvisa. And I can send it when I finish work in 5 or so hours?

Sure. I will keep trying for that monarch.

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Yea thats a good one. I’ll grab that one off you

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I’ll pm you pic’s of the deathless and i think i have the monarch

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