Trade: Need infinity pistol. Have tons of gear to trade

Like the titel says, got tons of mods and guns and shields to trade.

Which elemental ?

Either none or cryo/corrosive. Sorry forgot to add that.

I have a non elemental one. Ruthless Infinity anointed with killing an enemy grant’s 5% weapon damage. I’m looking for Sntnl +50% cryo damage gear. Or an It’s Piss or Cryo Hex with On grenade thrown anointment.

I have some infinity weapon in allmost every Element

I have this beauty. Would be looking for an annointed Maggie with 100% ASE damage or 125% boss damage.

PSN Sefiroh

i have one .cryo ase100%.

LF:Zane Weapons (SNTL +50% Cryo)

  • craps(corro cryo fire)
  • Ion Cannon x2 (Shock rad)

2.ASE +100% damage

  • craps(shock rad)

I also have a set of infinities in case you are still in need.