Trade on xbox Class mods

Is there any1 who wann trade me a Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter Moze class mode for 1of the following Legendary mods::
Bangin Bear Trooper or
Blessed Circulating Blast Master
Blood Sucking Charitable Blast Master
Thermobaric Gains Mind Sweeper
Bashing Shady Infiltrator
Bifurcated Friendly Friend Bot
Rope a Dope Solitary Braker
Unlikely Prepped Techspert

If yes add me on xbox Gabonu

Moved you to the right spot - good luck!

I have a bloodletter com… At least, 99% sure. Not at home so I can’t check the exact stats on it but I would trade it for the Rope a dope solitary breaker.

GT- PulmonaryRex

Can you post a pic of this one?

I got a few friend bots I think, I’ll check prefixes and send if I got right ones

Had a bicurated friend bot, sent

Sorry I misread, I thought you were looking for the friend bot lol.

What about this one ?

Closed at OP’s request as item found.